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R-Plus System

R-Plus System is Rollon’s series of rack & pinion driven actuators: RP

R-Plus System is Rollon’s series of rack & pinion driven actuators. Rollon R-Plus System series linear units are designed to manage high axial forces, be extremely efficient on long strokes and also for vertical applications. Additionally, Rollon Rack & Pinion units can drive more than one carriage independently along the same axis. The R-Plus System Series consists of self-sustaining extruded aluminum profiles that mount linear rails with recirculating ball bearings that have high load capacity and use caged ball technology. The units are moved by a “module 2” rack of level 6 quality, hardened, tempered and with ground teeth. The system comes with an integrated lubrication kit to ensure optimal performance and considerably lengthen maintenance intervals for the system.

Aluminum profile
Extruded anodized aluminum alloy 6060 is used for the profile body. Dimensional tolerances conform to standard EN 755-9. T-slots are provided in the side and bottom faces to facilitate mounting.

Rails with recirculating ball bearings
Linear guide rails with recirculating ball bearings that have high load capacity are mounted in the specific cavities in the aluminum profile. The linear rail carriage is installed on preloaded recirculating ball bearing runner blocks that, with four 45 degree contact ball paths, ensure a balanced load in all directions. All the recirculating ball complements feature cage technology. The polymer cage guarantees that balls are evenly spaced and the correct distance from each other during movement inside the recirculating runner blocks and while rolling on the rails.

Rollon linear system from Series R-Plus System use precision carbon steel gear racks with “module 2” type helical teeth, quality level 6. The gear racks are hardened, tempered and ground to guarantee better accuracy, smoother motion and longer life. Each actuator comes complete with a pre-installed speed reducer and an integrated lubrication kit for greasing the pinion, to ensure optimal performance and reduce maintenance requirements for the system.

Lubrication Kit
The integrated lubrication kit ensures optimal greasing of the pinion to improve system performance, reduce running friction and noise, and provide smoother linear motion. The lubricant can be inserted directly by a grease nipple for that specific purpose (alternately, an optional grease reservoir can be ordered): grease is directly applied to the pinion through a mock pinion made of felt with through holes to efficiently disperse the lubricant.


  • High load capacity
  • Long strokes
  • High axial forces
  • Effective for vertical applications
  • Can move more than one carriage independently on the same axis
  • High rigidity
  • Lubrication kit included
  • Reducer pre-installed
Reference Family
Product RP
Section Balls
Driving Toothed belt
Rack and pinion
Size 160
Max. load capacity per carriage [N] Fx 9667**
Fy 125000*
Fz 125000*
Max. static moment per carriage [Nm] Mx 7020*
My 14800*
Mz 14800*
Maximum speed [m/s] 3
Maximum acceleration [m/s2] 20
Repeatability accuracy [mm] ± 0.1
Ma. Travel or stroke (per system) [mm] 5700
* In order to reach sufficient static safety, we recommend using max. 20% of the theoretical value.
** In order to reach sufficient static safety for the toothed belt, we recommend using max. 80% of the theoretical value.
*** Longer stroke is available for jointed version.
  • Stroke from 800 mm to 5700 mm without junctions of the profi le body, longer strokes are available with ROLLON special junctions
  • Repeatability max ±0.05 mm
  • Max transverse speed 3 m/s
  • Max acceleration 20 m/s2 (2g)
  • Rack type: module 2
  • Hardened and Tempered rack with ground teeth
  • Rack with helical gear teeth
  • Linear advancement: 167 mm/rev
  • Weight per 100mm travel: 2.3 kg
  • Weight per zero travel: 26 Kg
  • Reduction ratio of the gearbox: from 3 to 10
  • Inertia of the gearbox: from 2,0 Kgcm² to 9,0 Kgcm²
  • Simple structure for maximum effi ciency under high loads.
  • Vast assortment of accessories.

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