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Rollon expands its range of telescopic rails with new profiles and materials

The Italian Group expands its offering with complementary products such as stainless steel and aluminium telescopic rails, able to provide up to 200% overextension.

New products offered to expand its range of complementary solutions: with the recent acquisition of Hegra, a German company specialized in the production of linear and telescopic rails, Rollon enhances its product offering, consolidating its global position as a global provider of linear motion systems. More specifically the Groupextends its range of telescopic rails in materials like aluminum and stainless steel, by offering new profiles and rails able to achieve an up to 200% overextension of their length from closed.

Based in Limburg, near Dusseldorf, Hegra is a well established company in the production of telescopic and linear rails, mainly applied to the aerospace, automotive and machine tools industries. With this acquisition, Rollon offers increasingly more technologically advanced and versatile solutions, able to meet the customers' diverse application requirements. The Rollon range, in fact, now includes 11 telescopic rails with new profiles, consisting of partially extended rails - from 60 to 66% of the rail length when closed- to fully extended rails (100%), to overextended rails, featuring a 150 to 200% overextension, which expands the solutions available to extraction applications requiring long strokes yet space-saving solutions. In addition to the above, telescopic rails for heavy load and S profile rails, both with 100% extension, are also available.

Rollon product offering has also been expanded with new materials; the new products, in addition to carbon steel, are now available in stainless steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316) and aluminium, particularly suitable for applications requiring lightweight rails.

The width range of the new Rollon telescopic rails is extended from 26 to 74 millimeters, whilst their heights range from 30 to 240 millimeters: in total, eleven variants of size are available. Such a wide range of products allows loads between 0.6 to 20 KiloNewton to be transported and handled per pair of rails, according to their model and length.

Range versatility is also ensured by the new accessories available for the rails: from shock absorbing systems which reduce the end of stroke impact, to locking systems both in the open and closed position, to snap systems.

The addition of new products to the Rollon range is a clear example of the growth strategy pursued by the Italian Group which, over the years, has gained the essential know-how required to diversify and extend its offering with complementary solutions, not only through an on-going research and development, but also through the acquisition of different manufacturers: from the Turin based Tecno Center in January 2015, which allowed the company to consolidate its position in the linear actuator market, to the acquisition of Hegra. A growth strategy which aims to achieve a higher product customization, including customer's  co-operation in their design.

By offering an ever more comprehensive product offering, Rollon aims to meet the more specific requirements of each application for a wide range of industries - from mechanical to railway, from aerospace to medical - consolidating its position as a global provider in the linear motion industry.