• 高负载能力,最高  4.000 Kg
  • 多个独立滑架
  • 多种铝型材尺寸,最大 360 mm
  • 采用循环滚珠导轨或棱柱形滚子轴承
  • 采用齿轮齿条驱动系统,适合极长行程
  • 在脏污环境中具有理想可靠性


1, 2 and 3 Cartesian axis linear modules with rack and pinion drive guarantee precise manipulation of loads from 10 up to 2000 kg with fast and silent functioning.

Our main application fields are: robotics, palletization, production line, logistics and manufacturing machines with Cartesian axis movements.

Our products stand out for their:

  • easy and quick assembly;
  • high quality and competitive performances;
  • reduced and simplified maintenance;
  • wide range of integrated solutions;
  • possibility of customised solutions;
  • constant technical support and CAD drawings available.

Strong points include:

  • hardened sloping tooth racks (ground on request);
  • payloads from 10 to 2000 Kg;
  • up to 12-m beams (longer lengths can be obtained with jointed versions), high level torsional rigidity, precise shape;
  • precise machining of all profiles (on request: repeatability up to +/-0.05mm);
  • hardened and ground steel guide rails, for rollers and ball slides with cage;
  • easy installation of pre-assembled systems for 2- or 3-axis Cartesian robots;
  • solutions with guide rails designed for parallel assembly of modules;
  • offer of complete solutions: reduction units, cable guides, micro-switches, safety clamps;
  • machining to drawing suitable for custom applications; backing plate suitable for assembly of any commercial reduction unit;
  • sturdy, adjustable-position safety stops with dampers. 


高负载能力,最高 4.000 Kg


多种铝型材尺寸,最大 360 mm





Rollon’s extruded and anodised profiles, made of hardened and tempered aluminum alloy Al Mg Si 0.5, quality F25, Rm 245 N/mm2, tolerance according to UNI EN 755-9.

Rack and pinion driven.

Maximum speed: 3,5 m/s.

Maximum acceleration: 10 m/s2.

Maximum repeatability: ±0,05 mm.

Maximum useful stroke length (for single system): 10.800 mm (longer lengths can be obtained with jointed versions).



水刀切割机:X 轴