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Linear motion solutions for Railway applications

In the railway industry, transport efficiency and passenger safety are paramount. Each part of a train car (railway, underground or tram) must be designed to deliver the highest level of reliability, taking into account impacting factors, such as: harsh environments, corrosive agents, on-going vibrations, and every day wear and tear.

Car manufacturers require sturdy components, compliant with performance and maintenance specifications that ensure long life, low maintenance, low operating cost and high reliability.

In the railway industry, telescopic guides and linear rails are used in many parts of the train. Like in other markets, Rollon stands out for being able to develop specialized, custom solutions that provide flexibility to all design requirements.

Key applications for linear rails and telescopic guides in the railway industry:

  • Linear guides for external car doors and Platform gap fillers
  • Telescopic guides for front car hood extraction
  • Telescopic guides for train car battery extraction
  • Linear motion in platform screen doors
  • Linear motion in car maintenance structures