Special Vehicles

Rollon solutions

The development of dedicated solutions on all sorts of vehicles destined for highly specialized uses or designed for non-conventional contexts involves a careful selection of components.  Mechanical components must be able to handle the critical requirements typical of the automotive sector, and these particular components must work efficiently even in more complex applications.

Application requirements

Several operative requirements are evident for special vehicles such as ambulances, professional vehicles, fire trucks, telescoping trailers, or vehicles for disabled users.

In fact, the mechanical components used for the applications necessary for these types of vehicles must resist the stress of impact and vibrations. They also have to be efficient even when exposed to a variety of difficult conditions, such as corrosion, impurities and dirt,  and temperature changes.

Rollon linear and telescopic rails are used in several applications in different specialty vehicles because of their characteristics - compact size, rigidity, high load capacity, and misalignment compensation systems - and different anti-corrosion surface treatments which offer resistance to corrosion tested up to 720 hours in saline mist.

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