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Rollon provides a multitude of customized linear guide rails for use in aviation projects

Aircraft interiors EXPO is the world's leading trade fair for airlines and the supply chain to source the latest innovations for aviation. At the event taking place in Hamburg Rollon presents its custom designed range of solutions for linear motion applications in the aerospace sector. The new weight-optimised Curviline sliders and rails combine a number of outstanding advantages.

Rollon precisely calculates the optimal weight reduction for each telescoping rail and linear guide rail without influencing the other characteristics. Extensive tests are conducted for each component to determine the best design. The new Curviline sliders are adapted for aerospace use and other applications. These lightweight sliders and rails are designed to be used for Rollon constant radius Curviline rail. They offer outstanding advantages such as low weight from only 39 to 138 grams per single slider or the possibility for three-way mounting. The Curviline sliders are designed to be as compact and small as possible and are applicable to nearly all constant radius Curviline rails. The curved shape plates are fitted for direct mounting in three different ways to cover a multitude of fitting positions for seat tracking, seat movements and adjustments, partitions and mobile walls as well as all other interior design elements. The new Curviline sliders are adaptable with a simple rotation of the eccentrical pin.

Visit Rollon from 10 to 12 April 2018 at Aircraft interiors EXPO in hall B1 (lower), stand 1C31