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Online MyRollon, the new digital tool for product pre-selection in just 4 clicks

We are pleased to announce the launch of “MyRollon”, the new digital tool created to bring together the needs of industrial designers and planners with our linear motion solutions.

With MyRollon you can pre-select 92 products, using specific filters and search criteria, and access a reserved area where you can save your current searches, favorite products and get in touch with technicians and area managers. Additional services will be activated within this area in the future, designed to be even more tailored to the specific needs of the company's stakeholders.

The selection allows us to identify the products that best meet the needs of our customers. As a matter of fact, in “four clicks”, you can identify the most suitable products for your application starting from our product lines - linear rails, telescopic rails, actuators and systems - and/or from some specific “application characteristics”. Examples of these include:


  • Dimensional or usage specifications
  • Accuracy requirements
  • Outdoor applications or wet environment
  • Low temperature applications
  • Applications in harsh environments
  • Dirty or contaminated environments
  • Clean room applications, sterile environment or similar.


Having reached the product page, in a fast and effective way, it is possible to expand on the technical details, download catalogs, interact with Rollon staff or, if necessary, continue and refine the search.


You just have to try it: click here and learn more about our solutions for your specific application needs!