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From Rollon the new telescopic actuator for effective linear movement with minimum overall dimensions

An extremely compact solution from the Italian Group to solve various handling problems in the industrial sector, optimising space, reducing process times and minimising stress on mechanical components.

A compact versatile system, designed for effective linear movement in a range of applications that require minimal overall dimensions in the industrial sector, reducing process times and minimising stress on mechanical components; this is the new telescopic actuator from Rollon.

The new telescopic actuator is able to move in one or more directions with a travel equal to or greater than its own length in the closed position: For example, a system of length 1,500 mm can extend by 1,500 mm in one direction or the opposite direction. The main advantage of the telescopic solution lies in the possibility of operating in very small spaces, offering the user greater availability of space in the workshop and consequent savings on costs.

The system can be used in different directions of movement, horizontal, vertical or wall mounted, an aspect that makes it very flexible and utilisable in various layouts and directions. The system was conceived as a horizontal movement solution to feed presses installed in series with a central unit that could extend in both directions, feeding a press in one direction, closing and then feeding another in the other direction. Thus when the actuator is closed it does not occupy space in the two presses and this makes it possible to feed both with a single system. The product was later adapted to different application situations, from loading and unloading systems of machine tools to handling objects along an assembly line.

With a vertical installation the extreme compactness of the system in the closed position makes the Rollon telescopic actuator the ideal solution for working in applications where the client does not have sufficient space between the machine and the ceiling to allow an axis to rise by the same distance as the travel. In the case of a wall mounting instead the telescopic actuator facilitates the feeding of machine tools, where obstructions in the closure of protective doors must be avoided, thanks to the possibility of feeding the machine and then retracting.

The advantages offered by the new Rollon telescopic actuator are not limited only to optimal utilisation of space. The basic parts of the system are in fact synchronised and connected with each other in a toothed belt system so if just one part is moved then the last part is also moved. This is a feature that translates into a clear benefit in terms of multiplication of the speed. The movement of the first element also produces movement of the second extension thus doubling the speed even though only one part is moved at a lower speed. This has advantages in terms of reducing process times and stress on mechanical components since the single mechanical component moves at half the speed of the system as a whole.

Furthermore, since the system is synchronised by a toothed polyurethane belt there is no need for maintenance or lubrication, unlike rack and pinion synchronising systems.