Speedy Rail: when synergy creates a show

How to resume a football match without losing the details, catching every emotion, moving quickly with the players, even if the weather gets worse and it starts to rain? This is what Rollon and Movikom have created together, putting technology at the service of the show.

Movikom needed guides for a track-based camera movement system and therefore decided to contact
Rollon. They required a long single rail, solid enough to reliably carry a camera. This was also a safety requirement, since during filming the camera movement speed could be up to 10 m/s.

It was a matter of having to quickly mount the guides along the whole football field obtaining a discrete, non-invasive presence. The operation had to be silent, so as not to interfere with the audio and had to be optimal with any weather conditions.

There was no time to deal with demanding alignments or maintenan-ce, reliability had to be maximum and immediate: Speedy Rail offered a perfect answer to all needs.


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