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Linear Motion Systems at Motek: Rollon solutions for industrial automation

For the Motek trade fair, happening in Stuttgart from 9 to 12 October 2017, Rollon will be presenting an example of a handling process for sheet metal panels to demonstrate the possible uses of the Actuator System Line and the Seventh Axis shuttle system in industrial, logistics and packaging sectors.

The Actuator System Line solution makes it possible to integrate telescopic actuators, which become ideal infeed systems for presses in series or consecutive work stations. The Seventh Axis system increases the range of action of industrial robots. The entire robot moves along a linear axis. In the plant that will be presented at the fair, the sheets of metal are picked up by the telescopic actuator with suction cups, transported to the plant, and then set down. The cycle will end with a robot moved by a seventh axis that transports the sheet metal panels from the unloading point to the loading point.

The universal telescopic actuator

Rollon’s Actuator System Line is based on a system that can also be used efficiently in small spaces, such as with protruding molds or perimeter protection devices. The system can manage strokes up to about 4.5 m and a maximum weight of 80 kg per telescopic axis in operation. Rollon telescopic actuators can be adapted to any type of use and are individually designed. The maximum total speed of the systems is equal to 8.5 m/s, maximum total acceleration is 19 m/s2. With these parameters, it is possible to have a cycle time of a four-meter stroke at less than one second.

The Seventh Axis solution

At the Motek fair, Rollon is presenting a standard Seventh Axis model in action. The seventh axis can manage articulated robots of a maximum weight of two tons, which during operation reach a maximum speed of 4 m/s with an acceleration of up to 4 m/s2. Repeatability is ±0.05 mm. Theoretically, the seventh axis allows unlimited strokes, even over 40 m. Lubrication is automatic because the control unit is integrated into the robot. On request, a dust-guard mask or a complete pedestrian trafficable cover can be installed. In addition to floor mounted use, the modular system can be modified to be mounted on the ceiling or wall.

Visit Rollon from 9 to 12 October 2017 at the Motek fair, pavilion 5, stand 5405.