Rollon acquires branch of turin-based company Tecno Center and strengthens its position in the linear actuator business

The move has allowed Rollon to earn a leading position in Europe for its line of actuators, and also opens the field for future acquisitions of new market shares, mainly in Germany, France, the USA and emerging countries. A new growth phase for Rollon, which over the past year has opened two branches – in China and India - and is growing by 6% annually.

Rollon, the international group based in Vimercate, a world leader in the production of linear motion systems for different sectors, announces the closure of the transaction with the Italian company Tecno Center involving the acquisition of the Turinese producer of linear actuators and components for linear motion systems for industrial automation. Rollon entered the linear actuator market in 2011 by acquiring the Italian company El.More. 

The Tecno Center acquisition aims at strengthening Rollon’s offer in the actuator segment, and expand its current range with complementary and technologically advanced and more complex products, capable of high performance in applications in industrial sectors such as domestic appliances, automotive and machine tools. As a result, the actuator range is the most competitive in Italy and among the most complete worldwide, which strengthens the Group’s offer in Italy and all other areas where Rollon is already present with direct branches or sales offices: in Europe (Germany and France), the USA, and emerging markets (Brazil, Russia, China and India).

The acquisition is aligned with Rollon’s growth strategy, which is focused on purchasing an industrial production company to create perfect integration on the industrial level and leverage commercial synergies: Tecno Center can take advantage of the international network of Rollon. Already, Tecno Center products are being made in Vimercate where the entire workforce of the Turin company is now employed.

Tecno Center, founded in 1971 in Venaria Reale (Turin), can boast strong leadership in the national market, about 80% of its income, and the remaining 20% coming in from abroad. In 2014, Rollon closed with a revenue growth of 6%. In the same year it opened new branches in Shanghai, China and Bangalore, India, which have been added to its existing branches in France, Germany, and the USA and its sales offices in Russia and Brazil. Today, the Group has over 300 employees, over half of which work at the factory in Vimercate, the only one of its kind in the world.

The acquisition was finalized with the support and commitment of Chequers Capital and IGI SGR, the majority shareholders. The involvement of Chequers Capital as the majority shareholder of Rollon, alongside with its co-investor IGI Sgr, allows Rollon to have the means to contemplate acquisitions of any size in the linear guides market segment in which the Group operates. This acquisition also demonstrates the approach of both Chequers Capital and IGI Sgr to pursue the growth of their portfolio companies through an active acquisition policy.

“Chequers is very happy at the Tecno Center acquisition which complements Rollon’s actuators line and will allow to boost further organic growth in the European markets. Only one year after our acquisition of Rollon,” said Jérôme Kinas, Director of Chequers Capital.

"Our strategy was to purchase a manufacturing company that would allow us to capitalize on commercial synergies and to achieve industrial integration - with Tecno Center, we have succeeded in doing this,” said Eraldo Bianchessi, CEO of Rollon Group. “This operation will expand the Rollon product range to make it one of the biggest and most complete in the world. Our next goal is to expand Tecno Center products outside of Italy, in particular in Germany, the US, and France and then in China, India, and other emerging countries where Rollon is consolidating its business”.