Rollon at Expo Ferroviaria 2017: new synchronized telescopic rails “DEF43Z”

The new product from the Vimercate-based group makes it possible to extract the rails starting from an intermediate element, guaranteeing an increase in drive: an additional solution for applications in reduced space areas, such as opening the external doors on trains.

A synchronized telescopic rail for better performance in applications such as the automatic openings of external doors on trains. Rollon, located in Vimercate, Italy and specialized in the production of linear motion solutions, is unveiling its new product “DEF43Z” at ExpoFerroviaria 2017 (Pavilion 2, Stand 183), the eighth edition of the Italian trade fair focused on specific technologies for the railway sector, scheduled to be held from 3 to 5 October in Milan.

Created as a variant of the “DE” rail, the “DEF43Z” is the latest product in the Telescopic Rail family, made with induction hardened raceways. It is a synchronized telescopic rail with a rack and pinion mechanism that allows the rail to open starting from an intermediate element, thus guaranteeing a multiplication of the drive: for equal lengths in rail stroke, the drive stroke is cut in half. Built in steel and tested in compliance with the current standards required by the sector for reliability and lifespan, the new “DEF43Z” comes in different dimensions, from 290 to 1970 millimeters, with a load capacity of up to 378 kg per individual rail and 100% extraction of the length of the rail in the closed position.

The product features make it particularly suited for situations in which automatic movements are necessary, and where little space is available for movement, such as in the case of opening external train doors, especially if there is only one door. It is an important application due to the intense vibrations that the rails have to withstand, but Rollon has succeeded in positioning itself as a reference point in the market by providing high performance hardened rails able to guarantee maximum sliding performance each time the door opens.

Extensive know-how built up over time in the sector has allowed the company to develop reliable, effective solutions also for applications connected to the train underfloor, where high load capacity telescopic rails allow cantilever-style extraction of heavy loads, such as battery cases, generators or air conditioning units. The RollonAloy treatment allows the rails to guarantee a high level of resistance to corrosion caused by dirt or temperature changes, reaching a milestone of 720 hours in saline mist during tests conforming to the UNI EN ISO 9227 standard. This duration makes them the ideal solution for all train underfloor applications.

Rollon products are not just for external applications in the railway sector: the rails produced by the Vimercate-based company are also reliable parts of rail cars used to move doors, tables and seats.

Rollon at Expo Ferroviaria 2017 – 3-5 October, Milan – Rho Fiera – Pavilion 2, Stand 183