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Clean Room System

Belt driven linear actuators for Clean Rooms

International patent registered for the CLEAN ROOM SYSTEM line (DIN EN ISO 14644-1)

The CLEAN ROOM SYSTEM units are linear actuators with belt driven transmission and are specifically designed for Clean Room applications

They are supplied with a certificate issued by the IPA Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgard, which certifies compliance with class ISO 3 (DIN EN ISO 14644-1), or with class Fed Std 0.01 (FED 209 E).

The system prevents particles from being discharged in the environment where the linear unit is located. This has been achieved by using a special straight seal that closes the horizontal opening where the slider moves, as well as by the operation of a 0.8 vacuum pump connected to 2 vacuum pipes located inside the drive head and the idle head. The system allows vacuum to be generated inside the unit so that any particles released when the system is operating are sucked towards the air filtration areas. Clean Room System linear actuators components are all made of stainless steel or undergo special treatments ensuring a low particle release. The lubricants of all bearings and linear rails are special lubricants designed for use in CLEAN ROOMS or in VACUUM environments.

If the system is used in dirty environments, the CLEAN ROOM SYSTEM linear units can be pressurized to 0.8 bar to prevent any outside particles from negatively affecting its smooth operation.


Main fields of application for Clean Room System linear units:

  • Semiconductors
  • Medical 



Reference Family
Product ONE
Section Balls
Driving Toothed belt
Rack and pinion
Size 50-80-110
Max. load capacity per carriage [N] Fx 4410
Fy 79000
Fz 79000
Max. static moment per carriage [Nm] Mx 1300
My 7110
Mz 7110
Maximum speed [m/s] 5
Maximum acceleration [m/s2] 50
Repeatability accuracy [mm] ± 0.05
Ma. Travel or stroke (per system) [mm] 6000*
The information shown must be verified for the specific application.
For a complete view of technical data, please consult our catalogs on
* Longer stroke is available for jointed version.
  • Available sizes for linear actuators: ONE 50, ONE 80, ONE 110
  • Product specifically designed for automation solutions in clean rooms up to class ISO1 (DIN EN ISO 14644-1)
  • Made of low particle emission materials.
  • Uses special lubricants for “clean rooms”.
  • Max. speed: 5 m/s
  • Max. acceleration: 50 m/s2
  • Repeat accuracy: 0,05 mm
  • Max. static load: Fx 4410 N, Fy 79.000 N, Fz 79.000 N
  • Max. static moment: Mx 1.300 Nm, My 7.110 Nm, Mz 7.110 Nm

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