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The aviation industry is very demanding and constantly demands the most modern technology, services, materials and special solutions. When it comes to the interior design of aircraft, features such as lightweight construction, high load capacity, reduced dimensions, strength and ease of installation must be combined with high performance, good ergonomics and a long service life. In external applications, aircraft components must be very stable and withstand high forces without the quality of movement being affected over time. In addition, the maintenance must be low.

Rollon has been working with leading manufacturers of aircraft seats for many years and also supplies components to specialist vehicle manufacturers and airport equipment and service providers. Its portfolio includes linear motion systems for interior trim, sliding compartments, pedestal (Monument) pull-outs, pull-outs generators, AC systems and batteries as well as linear technology for maintenance devices and special movements.


Application requirements

Weight reduction of the aircraft components leads to lower fuel costs. In addition, the installation of a low-maintenance product means a reduction in downtime.

The manufacturers of aircraft components therefore focus their attention on strength, high load capacity, reduced dimensions and above all on the weight. In addition, all applications in aircraft interiors require quiet operation, smoothness and good ergonomics as essential features.

Interior design with ROLLON

Rollon offers unparalleled engineering, manufacturing, systems and application know-how under one roof and is THE problem solver when it comes to linear technology for interior design in aviation.

Rollon’s experts will develop custom weight-reduced telescoping rails and linear guide rails for every use in your aircraft interior and create solutions that are custom tailored to the individual requirements – whether you prefer standard products, custom system solutions or the development of completely new products.

Because every gram counts

Especially the interior design of the aircraft, where many parts are used hundreds or thousands of times, the right weight can make a huge difference.

With respect to appearance, comfort and safety, however, there can be no compromises: Telescoping rails and linear guide rails for seats, tray tables or adjustable furnishings must serve the passengers in a trouble-free and unobtrusive manner from the first day to the last.

It is necessary to achieve the optimal design for all of your interior components: the lowest possible weight, uncompromising stability, a long life and durable comfort with no compromises! Rollon has perfected this approach.

  • Seat and tray table adjustments
  • Drawers for trash compactors and kitchen modules
  • Armrest adjustments
  • Partitions and mobile walls
  • Privacy screens and dividers
  • Pull-out displays
  • Footrests
  • Headrests
  • Sliding tables
  • Weight-reduced construction of aluminium and steel
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Attractive, ergonomic design
  • Low weight, smooth running
  • Value Engineered / Cost Optimised
  • Guides hardened and ground
  • Excellent self-alignment
  • Components robust and durable
  • Maintenance-free

Seat tracking

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Tray table

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Armrest adjustements


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Hidden monitor extraction

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Trash compactor extraction

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Frame extension with mobile wall

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