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5 good reason to follow Rollon Spa on LinkedIn

Rollon Spa is active on LinkedIn with a company page dedicated to engineers and designers from relevant industrial sectors. Here are 5 good reasons to push the "Follow" button.

For an engineer, an R&D manager or even management it is essential to stay updated on the news coming from the market, clients and suppliers.

In the field of industrial automation, to keep up with the innovations it's fundamental in order to create value for the customers.

Here are then 5 good reasons to follow Rollon Spa on LinkedIn:


Rollon India LinkedIn

1 - Products and applications:

Every year our product range expands with new and better performing solutions. Follow the launch of new products and the definition of new application scenarios. Indispensable for a wide range of movements in every daily situation, our applications travel, produce, sell, care for, load and manufacture.


Rollon India LinkedIn

2 - News and PR:

Stay updated on the news and the evolution of Rollon. We have successfully dealt with every challenge for over 40 years, because tackling and overcoming challenges is the origin of our DNA.


Rollon India LinkedIn

3 - Exhibitions and events:

Discover in real time where to find us and what we will present at our booth. In 2019 we have further strengthened our world coverage, in order to be increasingly close to every customer.


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4 - New content:

Preview our new Case Studies, White Papers and our product line catalogs. Our contents have a strong service goal: to help our clients and encourage them to choose the solution that better fit their needs.


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5 - Interaction:

Interact with us and with other people in your sector: comment our posts, tag us in relevant topics, follow our hashtag #RollonLinearMotion e view our job openings. Keep contact with Rollon, we are at your service.



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