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Rollon Group opens in India: Italian technology for linear motion

Rollon India Pvt. Ltd. is now active in Bangalore with a local office.

Rollon is a global company specializing in the design and manufacturing of linear rails, telescopic rails and linear actuators used in a wide range of industries (machine tools, industrial automation, medical, special vehicles, railway, aerospace, etc.). A world leader in linear motion, Rollon runs its business in Europe from its head office in Italy, and through its branches in Germany, France, the Netherlands, the USA, China and India.

In order to ensure an effective worldwide coverage, since 2008 Rollon has defined a global commercial strategy strongly focused on export markets, especially for the emerging countries. In this direction, it has developed in the last years an extensive network of distributors all over the world, it has opened a new branch in China and a new Rep. Office in Russia in 2013 and, starting from March 2014, Rollon India Pvt. Ltd. has been started in Bangalore.

Interview to Mr. Vikash Poddar, Country Manager Rollon India:

Since March 2014 Rollon starts its Indian branch in Bangalore, why?

Rollon was already offering its products for linear motion market in India, now we decided it has come the time for strengthening our direct assistance to Indian customers. The best efficiency for technical assistance and consultancy are key factors to customers, so, in order to ensure the best service for their development of applications and to  consolidate our presence in the market, we started Rollon India Pvt. Ltd. In Bangalore. The idea is to meet all the requirements of our Indian customers with a local office, recruit local people and create in a short time a complete logistic center, in order to manage the requests with very short delivery times. Rollon solutions for linear motion are used in several industries such as industrial machines, transportation, special vehicles and medical, just to mention the main ones.

Rollon has been operating in the linear motion market for almost forty years. How did the company manage to distinguish itself and become an international market leader?

We achieved this thanks above all to our ability to move beyond the industrial machinery market, the natural habitat of Rollon rails, penetrating niche linear movement markets such as the railway, aeronautical and medical industries, etc. Rollon has become the international point of reference in all these sectors for many different applications.  Customers can count on a high quality product that is both reliable and long-lasting. One of the most appreciated features is the self-aligning capacity offered by our rails. This provides concrete advantages by reducing costs associated with surface preparation and installation.  There were also two other factors that determined Rollon's success: on the one hand our ability to develop applications that are ever increasingly specific and diversified based on the reference market, right up to making customized products, in some cases even co-designed with customer, and on the other hand our worldwide network of assistance centres. Every manufacturer or exporter of Rollon products may make use of the specialised assistance service provided by our team of engineers. They can also find our products in their own countries, avoiding extended waiting times and benefiting from the necessary technical assistance whenever required, for a truly all-round technical support service.

Rollon has a vast range of products. What are the main features Rollon products concentrate on?

With regards to mechanical specifications we aim to make products with high load capacities, above all in the telescopic guides sector, where Rollon is a market leader in heavy duty applications with its range of guides with hardened raceways. A great deal of attention is placed on the quality of the sliding movement with the presence of linear guides with bearings and ground raceways that are able to operate under adverse conditions in terms of dirt and corrosion. With regards to dimensional specifications however, our guideline is compactness.  One example of this is our Compact Rail, a linear rail with ball bearing sliders and a C-shaped rail that has also the ability to manage misalignments. Or the SNK guide from the Easy Rail range: it combines the performance guaranteed by the recirculating ball bearing system with the extreme compactness provided by the C-shaped rail that houses the slider. All Rollon products are also available with special anti-corrosion treatments as an alternative to standard zinc plating, which are selected based on requirements. For example, nickel-plating and Durnicoat treatments are used for aggressive and acidic agents typical of food applications and some medical machines. RollonAloy (tested for up to 720 hours in saline mist), is used to contrast the corrosive effects of humid and saline atmospheres in outdoor applications.