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Rollon at IMTEX 2015

At the IMTEX trade show (January 22 to 28 in Bangalore, Hall 2B stand A113) Rollon Group, the Italian world leader in the production of linear motion systems, will be showing its full range of solutions to support the operation and optimum performance of machine tools: actuators, linear guides and telescopic slides. Industrial machinery is at the heart of production process efficiency: machining centres, cutting machines, painting machines or machines to process wood and marble must be able to run flawlessly for extended periods, often under stressful cycles and in critical conditions. Malfunctions or downtime lead to loss of efficiency and additional costs. Each component must therefore contribute to the optimal operation of the machine, ensuring maximum reliability. To meet these demands, Rollon offers a wide range of actuators, continuously updated with new models and new sizes.

Rollon's screw drive and belt driven actuators ensure compactness, rigidity and accuracy for linear motion devices for multiple applications in the field of industrial machinery. Rollon offers solutions that are ideal inside and outside machine tools, for pick & place machines, for automation of tool change operations or for security door automation. They are also applicable to cutting machines, painting machines and presses.

The advantages of buying an assembled mechanical solution, such as the Rollon actuators, comes to light in the most complex situations, when customers require the construction of complex axis systems. The Italian Group can leverage its extensive technical expertise, acquired over decades of experience in many fields of application, and an R&D department ready to design custom solutions for each individual application. It can also perform all the testing phases internally, and can therefore provide the most appropriate solution for its customer's needs in terms of reliability, performance, security. All this, of course, translates into a reduction of all the costs related to maintenance and increases the system's productivity.

Rollon's linear guides are used in many industrial applications: from sideways sliding of protection doors to the movement of control panels and for the motion of tools in work centers to controlling the motion of registers of presses. Thanks to their ability to handle misalignment, typical of the Compact Rail family, Rollon guides ensure extremely smooth motion and efficiency even when dealing with inaccurate and uneven surfaces or when the supporting structure is not rigid.

Rollon's telescopic guides are used to slide out compartments or serviceable machinery components, have high load capacity, guaranteed by tempered raceways, and high rigidity to ensure minimal bending, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and ergonomics.

Rollon Group manufactures linear and telescopic guides and actuators for many fields: in addition to machine tools, the products are used in railways, aeronautics, logistics, packaging and medical equipment. Its numerous markets and customers are among Rollon's strong points. Its portfolio is characterized by high quality standards, pre-sales support and product customization. ROLLON is based in Italy, near Milan, and has offices in Germany, France, United States, China and India, where it opened its Bangalore branch at the beginning of 2014. The idea is to meet all the requirements of Indian customers with a local office, recruit local people and create in a short time a complete logistic center, in order to manage the requests with very short delivery times.