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Uniline System

Compact belt driven linear motion units, rails with radial ball bearing sliders

Uniline System is a family of pre-assembled linear units boasting a compact size and high speed ensured by the COMPACT RAIL roller bearings, mounted on a self-sustaining extruded aluminum profile. The linear units are driven by a steel reinforced polyurethane belt system. The horizontal seals and the raceway cleaners fitted on both ends of the carriage ensure full protection from dirt. The linear actuator profile is compatible with an endless number of widely available standard fixing accessories.

  • The motor can be connected to the units by means of a full or a hollow shaft
  • Up to 3,000mm strokes
  • Sizes from 40 x 51.5mm up to 100 x 122.5mm
  • Versions available with long sliders and multiple sliders

Using linear rails from the COMPACT RAIL family ensures excellent performance in terms of speed and life. The rails in the linear axes of the four product series are laid out in different combinations to meet all application requirements. Using long or multiple sliders increases the potential range of applications.

Main fields of application for Uniline System linear units:

  • Automation
  • Packaging
  • Industrial machinery
Reference Family
Product A/C/E/ED/H
Section Balls
Driving Toothed belt
Rack and pinion
Size 40-55-75-100
Max. load capacity per carriage [N] Fx 1000
Fy 25000
Fz 17400
Max. static moment per carriage [Nm] Mx 800.4
My 24917
Mz 15752
Maximum speed [m/s] 9
Maximum acceleration [m/s2] 20
Repeatability accuracy [mm] ± 0.1
Ma. Travel or stroke (per system) [mm] 5700*
The information shown must be verified for the specific application.
For a complete view of technical data, please consult our catalogs on
* Longer stroke is available for jointed version.
  • Available sizes for linear actuators:
    • Type A: 40, 55, 75, 100
    • Types C and E: 55, 75
    • Type ED: 75
    • Type H: 40, 55, 75
  • Max. traversing speed: 9 m/s (354 in/s) (depending on the application)
  • Temperature range: -20 °C to +80 °C (-4 °F to 176 °F )
  • Max. traverse in a profile: 5,600 mm ( 220.47 in) (depending on the application, size and slider selection)
  • Repeat accuracy: 0.1mm ( 0.004 in)
  • Linear guiding accuracy: 0.8 mm ( 0.032 in)
  • Length and stroke tolerances:
    • For strokes <1 m: +0 mm to +10 mm (+0 in to 0.4 in)
    • For strokes >1 m: +0 mm to +15 mm (+0 in to 0.59 in)

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