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The aerospace industry is very demanding and constantly demands the most modern technology, services, materials and special solutions. When it comes to the interior design of aircraft, features such as lightweight construction, high load capacity, reduced dimensions, strength and ease of installation must be combined with high performance, good ergonomics and a long service life. In external applications, aircraft components must be very stable and withstand high forces without the quality of movement being affected over time. In addition, the maintenance must be low.

Your partner for aircraft interiors sub-assemblies

Reducing the weight of a aircraft component means cutting fuel costs and installing a low maintenance product means reducing aircraft down-times caused by maintenance.

Manufactures of aerospace components must therefore focus on strengthhigh load capacitycompact size and, above all, weight, in addition, smooth and quiet operation and good ergonomics are key features in all aircraft interior design applications.

Rollon has partnered with top aircraft cabin interior manufacturers for many years with special and custom designs and also supplies components for manufacturers of special vehicles and devices and equipment used in airports.

SFC and Business Class seat

We can support you in the design of your solutions with:

Application sizing and engineering

Custom product prototyping

2D / 3D technical drawing on request

Co-design service on sub-systems and full assemblies

Internal laboratory for static abuse load and endurance tests

On-site support for first installation and mock-ups

Product training

We can reduce the weight of our guides up to 20% for lighter weight seats