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New Telescoping Rail Family Solves Many Challenges in Automated Systems

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Automated systems rely on linear guides to provide telescopic motion or extract moving parts — often in a vertical configuration. It can be difficult to find a guide that performs these functions, withstands high dynamics and shifting work cycles, and also offers flexibility regarding stroke needs, load sizes and orientation. The unit you choose must also provide a long service life while requiring little maintenance to meet aggressive production and availability goals.

Our newly enhanced rail system family offers you the right combination of attributes to simplify and improve automation. Rollon Telerace and Telerace Plus telescopic rails feature large ball bearings — in single and double rows — that make the system well-suited for vertical use and less sensitive to high dynamics and shifting working cycles. Each version is designed to satisfy specific requirements and considerations such as:

  • Self-alignment. The TLR version manages misalignment errors of up to ±2.7 degrees and compensates for dimensional differences between the structure and drawer with  tolerances up to 0.5 millimeter.
  • Custom strokes. TLQ rails come with adjustable sliders to set the stroke length.
  • Reliable vertical and variable strokes. The Telerace doesn’t have a ball cage, making automated vertical and variable strokes possible.
  • Low opening and closing force. Sturdy profiles minimize deflection, and ground raceways ensure smooth, silent movement with low friction.
  • Reliability in dirty environments. Large rolling elements make Telerace more tolerant to dirt and debris. End-stoppers include wipers with slow release felts for clean and constantly lubricated raceways.
  • Long lifetime. Induction hardened raceways and Rollon-Nox hardening treatments ensure long life.
  • Corrosion resistance. Surface treatments make Telerace reliable in harsh environments.

Six Telerace rail series are available with ball bearings and different sizes and materials. TLR and TLQ “Plus” are our top-of-the-line series and come with cold-drawn steel rails with hardened and ground raceways and double-row ball bearings.

Flexible, Versatile Rails That Simplify Projects
Automated systems with high dynamics and changing duty cycles demand robust, high-performance and flexible telescoping rails. Our Telerace product family combines versatility with durable rolling elements to give your machine the performance and reliability you require — all while keeping your project simple in demanding environments. 

For more information about our Telerace Rails, visit our product page.