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New Rack and Pinion For Vertical Applications and Long Strokes

Ideal for fast, long travel applications with high accuracy requirements, our new R- Plus System rack-and-pinion actuator provides consistent rigidity and high axial forces throughout its stroke.

Ease of Operation. R-Plus is attached to a robust 160- or 200-mm wide aluminum alloy beam with single piece long lengths that permits large loads with minimal deflection. It supports multiple carriages and associated pinions on the same axis, with each carriage capable of independent motion. The actuator is also effective in vertical applications and comes pre-installed with a precision speed reducer ready to mount the motor of your choice.

Robust Structure. The R-Plus System has self-sustaining aluminum extrusion profiles that house profile rails with recirculating ball bearings for large and balanced load capacity. The units are operated by hardened, tempered and ground steel rack and pinion helical teeth gears. The built-in lubrication kit allows the pinion to be easily greased for smooth operation and long life.


• Accelerations of up to 20 m/s2 (2 g's)
• Repeatability values of ± 50 μm
• System single piece lengths between 700 and 5700 mm