Rollon launches the 220mm R-SMART actuator

Press Releases | 24 October 2013

Large sizes for long strokes and high loads. The Series boasts high efficiency and a simple construction

Milan, 24th October 2013 – El.More, a 100% Italian brand specialising in the design and manufacture of linear actuators, part of the Rollon Group since September 2011, has launched a R-Smart Series in the new 200mm size for the automation of large industrial gantries requiring long strokes and high load capacity.

The new size is the latest addition to the 120mm and 160mm versions. This new size is specifically offered to ensure the reliability and quality typically seen in industrial solutions, is subject to very strict testing and is highly cost effective. This new offering is therefore an excellent and safer alternative to the self-built product.

The R-Smart Series, featuring a reinforced polyurethane toothed belt drive with steel inserts, consists of an anodised extruded aluminium self-bearing profile (6060 alloy) and of a recirculating ball rails, which optimise the compact size and the heavy load capacity of the linear unit. More specifically, the maximum static load capacity on the three axes is equal to

9190 N (Fx), 237,000 N (Fy), 237,000 N (Fz).

The ball recirculation technology combines high load capacity and a smooth motion, up to 4 m/s speed and 50 m/s2 acceleration. The maximum useful stroke length of the single unit reaches 6,000mm (higher strokes can be achieved with joined version) with a maximum repeatability accuracy of 0.1mm. The technical features and the parameters stated show the high degree of efficiency of the actuator, which is able to withstand high loads and long strokes (to be specified according to customer’s needs), to tackle high speeds and accelerations and to ensure a smooth and quiet motion; all this is achieved with the minimum of maintenance whilst ensuring consistent and long lasting performance at all times.

The simple construction of the actuator ensures quick fitting and fast lubrication as the rails are positioned externally to the extruded aluminium profile.

The R-Light 220 Series is widely used on assembly lines and general industrial automation, where large industrial gantries require very long strokes and high load capacity.

The company is also in the process of obtaining its ISO 14.001 environmental certification. The path that Rollon has started down is very much one-way: in the coming months, other corporate social responsibility projects are set to be launched, details of which will be shared as they are rolled out.

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