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Large actuators for long strokes and high loads


A reliable, low-cost alternative to shop-built automation devices, our new 220 mm R-Smart linear actuator is ideal for large industrial gantries requiring long strokes and high load capacities.


Simplified construction. The R-Smart consists of a reinforced polyurethane-toothed belt drive with steel inserts, an anodized 6060 aluminum bearing profile and recirculating ball rails. Because the rails are positioned to the exterior of the aluminum profile, the R-Smart is easy to mount to the machine frame and to keep lubricated in the field.

Smart System Rollon

Other technical features include:

  • Maximum static load capacity on 3 axes of 9190 N (Fx), 237,000 N (Fy) and 237,000 N (Fz).
  • Speeds up to 4 m/s.
  • An acceleration of 50 m/s2.
  • A single unit of stroke length is 6000 mm, with longer strokes possible by joining actuators.

This new 200 mm SMART actuator size is the latest addition to the previously released 120-mm and 160-mm versions.

For more information and technical data, visit our product page.


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