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TT Series Positioning Stages Deliver High-Precision Motion


From semiconductor manufacturing to machine tools, highly precise linear motion determines the success of many demanding applications. To address today’s needs for precise and accurate motion control, we announce the ActuatorLINE TT series of high-precision linear positioning stages.


Available in a range of sizes and configurations, these hardworking stages are ideal for use in:

  • Robotic handling systems
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • X-Y-Z Cartesian robots
  • Machine tools
  • Automated assembly lines and more

Strong and Precise. Every aspect of the TT series linear positioning stages is designed with precision in mind. For starters, stages are made of anodized aluminum extrusions for high mechanical strength and low weight. To guarantee precise movement, bodies are CNC machined on all outer surfaces and where mechanical components are attached, such as ball bearing guides.

Fast and Accurate. For the drive system, TT series stages use preloaded precision ball screws along with ball screw nuts available in ISO 5 and ISO 7 accuracy classes. Long pitch screws support high speeds, and all stages provide highly accurate thrust and superior mechanical performance.

High-Precision Components. Attention to detail in each and every part that goes into a TT series positioning stage guarantees a super-precise final assembly. Precision guides with ground rails and preloaded blocks ensure highly accurate parallelism, high positioning accuracy and rigidity and reduced wear.

Versatile Specifications. If you’re looking for a particular size, we probably have it. TT units are available in a range of sizes and load capacities.

  • Body dimensions measure 100 x 50 mm, 155 x 60 mm, 225 x 75 mm and 310 x 105 mm
  • Maximum dynamic axial load capacities from 336 to 3,800 N
  • Stroke lengths from 46 to 3,000 mm
  • Other specs? It depends. Maximum radial and lateral loads depend on the ball bearing guide system used, while maximum axial loads depend on the ball screw system used. Maximum linear speeds depend on the critical speed of the screw (diameter and length) and on the maximum speed of the ball screw nut.

Easy Mounting. Trouble-free mounting is a given with TT series linear stages. They can be attached to the mounting surface with screws, T-slots or brackets. In addition, the stages feature a modular design and may be easily connected to form multi-axis systems.

For more information and technical data, visit our product page.


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