Quality Policy UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


Rollon Spa, a leading company in the design, production and sale of linear guides and systems considers the health and safety of its staff, the needs and satisfaction of its Customers, protection of the environment and development of the communities with which it interacts as an absolute priority in all its activities. The entire organisation is oriented toward achieving these objectives openly and transparently.
The strategy adopted is based on a preference for preventive actions, compliance with legislation and observance of the applicable regulations. It also aims for continual improvement of health and safety performance in the workplace and the environment.

The reference principles of Rollon Spa are embodied in the Quality Policy:

Attention focused on the Customer and the parties concerned
Rollon Spa makes every effort to understand the needs of the customers and plans its activities in order to satisfy them fully. Likewise it operates with the purpose of satisfying the requests and requirements:

  • of the target market
  • of the country in which it is operating, complying with laws and regulations
  • of all the parties involved in its processes considered critical

Approach for processes
Rollon Spa sees the activities of its organisation as processes to be planned, monitored and improved constantly and activates its resources in the best way possible to implement them.
Rollon Spa manages its processes so that they are clear and unambiguous:

  • The objectives to pursue and the expected results
  • The related responsibilities and resources used

at the same time:

  • Assessing and dealing with the risks associated with the processes;
  • Exploiting and reinforcing the opportunities identified;
  • Promoting an adequate sense of proactivity in risk management at all levels.

Involvement of the staff and stakeholders
Rollon Spa enhances its human resources by means of constant training and development of professional and managerial skills, attention to the evaluation and motivation of its employees and maintaining an adequate balance between the employees’ quality of life and its own business needs.
To achieve this purpose Rollon Spa has adopted “The charter of values”, as proof of daily operation that is consistent with the principles of honesty, fairness and respect, which are the guiding values of those who work and cooperate with our company. It is also a guarantee for all internal and external contacts of the company so that the protection of individual and professional rights is always guaranteed, values in which we believe as individuals and as a company.

Continual improvement
Rollon Spa has set a permanent objective of improving its performance.
The preliminary assessment of risks and opportunities connected with company processes, internal and external auditing and the Management Review are the instruments that Rollon Spa uses to achieve constant improvement. The instrument chosen for Rollon Spa to pursue the Quality Policy is a Quality Management System that conforms to the UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015 standard.

Health and Safety
Rollon Spa has undertaken to maintain the workplace efficient and productive by the introduction of rules and procedures aimed at minimising the risk of accidents, injuries and exposure to dangers to health for all staff and external workers; instructing the external workers on health and safety.
A safe healthy workplace is a fundamental right for all of us and also represents a “must” for the company.

Rollon Spa is constantly committed to conducting its activities in a friendly way toward the environment and to achieving sustainable development. Activities are conducted in observance of Italian legislation on the environment and codes of good practice, undertaking to: reduce pollution, emissions, waste and use energy and water efficiently, minimise noise and recycle materials.

Rollon Spa has undertaken to keep this Policy up to date, to implement and maintain its management system and to improve its Quality and HSE results continually.

August 2020
Rüdiger Knevels
Rollon CEO

To report conduct that does no comply with the rules laid down by Rollon S.p.A.:
e-mail address: OdV_Rollon@starsis.it