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Tips for Selecting an Industrial-Strength Telescoping Linear Motion Guide


Industrial applications that require telescoping motion often have operating conditions that can compromise ordinary telescoping guides. Whether it’s continuous use, heavy loads or harsh environments, telescoping linear guides for industrial uses have to exhibit durability and reliability. That begins with heavy duty construction and finishes that can withstand the elements.

How to choose

As you choose a telescoping guide for industrial applications, remember these criteria to be sure you get the reliable motion that the job requires.
High load capacity

A guide’s ability to handle heavy loads is an essential characteristic for industrial applications.

High-strength materials

Avoid the light-duty materials common in telescoping guides for household uses which cannot support heavier, industrial-size loads.

Durable in harsh environments

Certain steels and surface treatments are better suited for outdoor and corrosion-prone environments.


Industrial applications may require a telescoping guide to perform vertical and variable strokes.

Cage creep prevention

Motorized automation requires the motor to reset the ball cage, which often causes cage creep.

Long life

In high-frequency applications, long service life and low maintenance are necessary.


Tough Industrial Applications Demand a Rugged Telescoping Linear Guide

Rollon Corporation recently bolstered its commitment to the industrial sector’s linear motion needs when it acquired T RACE and its Telerace family of telescopic roller guides. The family features rugged cold-drawn steel construction and double row bearings for exceptional load-carrying capability, and fully hardened rails with ROLLON-NOX black oxidation to assure long lifetime while resisting corrosion. In addition, their large rolling elements make them resistant to dust and dirt.

The guides are especially desirable for continuous cycle applications requiring long life and reduced maintenance such as automated processes — even those with variable stroke cycles. In fact, the rolling elements in Telerace guides virtually eliminate cage creep and the inherent motor jamming that occurs when motor power is applied to reposition the ball cage. Telerace guides also include stainless steel and versions with robust rubber stoppers for smooth motion in high-frequency applications.


Turn to a Linear Motion Leader With a Comprehensive Product Offering

When it comes to industrial applications, the telescoping guide you choose must stand up to continuous use, heavy loads and harsh environments. The Telerace Series of telescopic linear guides offers heavy-duty construction and features that ensure smooth motion, reliable operation and long service life in demanding conditions. By acquiring T RACE and its Telerace Series of telescopic guides and X-Rail and O-Rail linear guides, Rollon Corporation has further enhanced its offering of motion products that help machine designers achieve optimal robotic and automated motion for years to come.

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