Telescopic Slides

Our selection of telescopic slide rails is guaranteed to support your linear load.

Telescopic slides are linear guides with precision ball or rollers. These load extractors are complete with hardened raceways, high load capacities, and low bending. Rollon telescoping linear rails are also resistant to shocks and vibrations, ideal for even the toughest loads.

If you are looking for partial, total, or extended extraction up to 200% of the length of the guide, check out the selection below.

Image of a Telescopic Rail

Telescopic Rail

Telescopic linear slides for high load capacity.
Image of a Hegra Rail

Hegra Rail

Steel, aluminum and stainless steel Telescopic guides available for partial, full and overextended applications.
Telescopic Rails - Telerace


Telescopic slides with double row roller bearings.
Telescopic Rails - Light Rail

Light Rail

Light telescopic linear slides with full or partial extraction

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