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Moving Printing Machinery in the Textile Industry with Compact Rail Plus

Case Study

A leading textile manufacturing company needed to move textile printing machinery along a 10-meter-long line. The linear solution had to handle heavy loads, operate in a dusty environment, and manage misalignment to ensure maximum performance and contain the total cost of ownership. Here is the solution proposed by Rollon.

A company specializing in the production of textiles had a rather clear, yet delicate, requirement: to move printing units for the application of designs on fabrics on a 10-meter-long line. In addition to this, the printing units had to return to their starting position and then move to the next processing station, ensuring a high cycle time.

The challenges of the application

The proposed linear motion solution had to be able to carry a high load with medium positioning accuracy, but at decidedly high cadences. In fact, in addition to providing the force required to imprint the pattern on the fabric, it also had to withstand the high dynamics associated with inertia forces due to acceleration and deceleration.

In addition, it had to absorb misalignments and operate in a continuous cycle in a dusty environment, ensuring proper operation over time.


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