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Sometimes, architects and interior designers seek to elevate their projects to the next level. To achieve this, functionality, aesthetics, and reliability must seamlessly come together. Rollon’s linear and telescopic rails are meticulously designed to provide the utmost project freedom and performance for furnishing projects in retail stores, luxury brand boutiques, yachts, hotels, museums, and theaters.

Furthermore, Rollon’s linear and telescopic rails find applications in the construction industry. Their high performance makes them the ideal choice for handling exceptionally heavy loads or ensuring precise motion even in challenging environmental conditions. Rollon’s linear and telescopic rails are employed in various interior design and architectural/construction applications.

The uniqueness of Rollon’s products and the company’s ability to offer customizable solutions make them the perfect fit for technically ambitious or demanding projects.

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We ensure the best motion quality for a silent and smooth performance.




Our product range is designed to adapt to any environment, both internal and external, and according to range of motion, space or loads.




Our extensive experience within the sector allows us to adapt and create new products that best suit the specific application.


Our process and solutions’ quality guaranteed by global level certifications.

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