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In the railway industry, transport efficiency and passenger safety are of paramount importance. Every part of a train car (whether it’s for railways, subways, or trams) must be designed to deliver the highest level of reliability while considering various impacting factors such as harsh environments, corrosive agents, ongoing vibrations, and everyday wear and tear.

Rollon’s offerings are designed to meet the stringent requirements of car manufacturers. We develop robust components that comply with performance and maintenance specifications, ensuring long life, low maintenance, low operating costs, and high reliability.

Telescopic guides and linear rails play crucial roles in many parts of a train in the railway industry. Like in other markets, Rollon distinguishes itself by developing specialized, custom solutions that provide flexibility to meet all design requirements.


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Our solutions can endure the most difficult working conditions while ensuring passenger’s safety and performance.


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Our expertise within the sector can help you keep up with new design trends and demands.



Our products are optimized to maximize performance while minimizing maintenance.


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Locomotives, wagons and facilities

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