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Founded in 1975, for over 45 years Rollon has specialized in the production
and development of linear motion systems.

Since 2018, Rollon has been a part of The Timken Company, representing the linear motion unit within the Industrial Motion division of Timken. Rollon’s solutions are globally adopted in industrial automation, aerospace, medical equipment, material handling, and other sectors where product performance, efficiency and reliability are essential.

With the acquisition by The Timken Company of Nadella, Chiavette Unificate, Durbal, Shuton-Ipiranga, and Rosa Sistemi, Rollon is now able to offer its customers an even more comprehensive product range – from linear rails, telescopic rails, and actuators to ball screws, and rod ends.

Nadella Rollon

Proficiency in Heavy-Duty Engineering: Nadella‘s Expertise

Nadella’s expertise in heavy-duty linear motion engineering is a valuable addition to the Rollon linear motion division.


As a global leader in designing and producing linear guideways and track rollers for demanding environments with heavy load requirements, Nadella has been a front-runner since its establishment in 1930. With over 90 years of experience across various industries, including marble and sheet metal, foundry machinery, manipulators, and automatic warehouses, Nadella is well-versed in addressing diverse engineering challenges.


Their commitment to customization, engineering services, and high-value technical support through their in-house Technology Center will undoubtedly play a pivotal role within the Rollon by Timken ecosystem.

Shuton-Ipiranga Rollon

Engineering Excellence:
Shuton Ipiranga’s Impact on the World of Machine Tools Manufacturer

In becoming part of the Rollon linear motion division within the Timken Group, Shuton-Ipiranga has brought over 50 years of valuable history to the table, further strengthening our commitment to meeting our customers’ specific needs.


Shuton-Ipiranga is renowned for its high-precision ball screws, boasting a strong legacy across various industries, including machine tools and automation applications.


What sets Shuton-Ipiranga apart is not just its extensive history, but also its customer-focused approach. This, combined with an emphasis on research and development and a commitment to innovation, heralds an exciting future in fields requiring precise positioning, loading, and general linear motion, such as in the manufacturing of machine tools and injection molding, as well as in automation applications.

Connecting the World:
Durbal and Chiavette Unificate

Durbal and Chiavette Unificate, each with a rich history of over 70 years of expertise in design and manufacture of rod ends, spherical bearings, linkages, and angular/axial joints, became part of Rollon by Timken in 2023.


Both companies follow a vertical production process and maintain a customer-oriented approach, focusing on delivering tailored and cost-efficient solutions.These principles have propelled their global presence across demanding industries, including industrial machinery, packaging, transportation, food & beverage, motorsport, and renewable energy.


The collaborative efforts of Durbal and Chiavette Unificate result in the broadest product portfolio in their category, catering to a wide range of application needs worldwide, now more than ever.

Rosa Sistemi Nadella


Four Decades of Pioneering Achievements in
Cutting-Edge Linear Motion Technology: Rosa Sistemi

With over four decades of dedicated work in the field of prismatic rails, rollers, ball recirculating guideways, linear tables, and customized linear systems, Rosa Sistemi has achieved remarkable milestones in cutting-edge linear motion technology.


Their contributions to the Rollon linear motion division are truly remarkable. Within their product portfolio, they offer cutting-edge technical solutions tailored to the specific requirements of various demanding industries, including machine tools, aerospace, metrology, medical, electronics, gold machinery, and eyewear.


At the heart of Rosa Sistemi’s success is a team of highly skilled professionals who play a pivotal role in delivering innovative technical solutions and staying ahead of market demands.

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