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New 2XYZ Systems Now Available on myRollon Selection Tool

Innovation | 5 June 2024

Building on the successful launch of the myRollon selection tool for linear guides, telescopic slides, and actuators, Rollon is pleased to announce that it has now expanded the range of configurable 2XYZ systems. 

June 7, 2024: Rollon, the leading provider of linear motion solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its range of configurable 2XYZ multi-axis systems in the myRollon Selection Tool. This development marks a significant advancement in empowering design engineers with even more options and additional data for precise system selection, like movement interpolation on X and Y axis and different operational speeds.

“We are excited to introduce these enhancements to the myRollon Selection Tool, as they represent our commitment to continuously improving the user experience and providing our customers with innovative solutions,” says Franck Michaux, Digital Transformation Director of Rollon. “With the expanded range of configurable 2XYZ multi-axis systems, design engineers now have access to an increasingly advanced selection tool that allows them to pinpoint the right linear motion solution with greater efficiency and accuracy and based on their specific application needs. This is possible thanks to the advanced algorithms meticulously crafted by our brilliant team of technical experts.”

Product selection made easy

With myRollon, design engineers can easily determine the best linear motion solution according to their own criteria, choosing from Rollon’s range of linear rails, telescopic slides, actuators, and actuator systems. Through our digital tool, it is also possible to get a complete technical report or validate the configuration with a Rollon expert.

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