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Why EN 9100 Certification is Important

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The European Norm (EN) 9100 standard ensures satisfaction of the international aerospace industry’s stringent space and aircraft-quality requirements by defining a system for the management and quantification of component and assembly design, development, and manufacturing. Because it’s harmonized with the AS 9100 standards of the U.S. Society of Automotive Engineers supported by International Aerospace Quality Group, EN 9100 is sometimes referred to as AS/EN 9100.

EN 9100 requires that certified suppliers employ:

  • General-purpose International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 quality-management approaches as well as
  • Additional procedures to satisfy design parameters specific to aviation and space (aerospace).

For example, EN 9100 details a wide array of risk-identification and assessment procedures, as aerospace designs must minimize all risk wherever feasible. To this end, EN 9100 includes production and service requirements beyond ISO 9001 detailing how parts must be produced and involved equipment controlled, as well as component-supplier post-delivery obligations to support space and aircraft manufacturers. EN 9100-specific requirements also demand exacting management of projects, risks, and configurations — with the latter aimed at (among other things) preventing errors in complex subassemblies should one or more elements change. Also defined in EN 9100 are prerequisites for moving the production of a component from one manufacturing site to another.

Still other design and development requirements specific to EN 9100 demand full part verification and validation with testing and documentation; when a manufacturing or other process proves non-conforming, EN 9100 explicitly outlines how an organization must respond with root-cause analyses and correct the issue to prevent recurrence.

Rollon is EN 9100 certified, which means it meets or exceeds stringent aerospace-industry requirements. This is crucial for corporations integrating Rollon products and assemblies into rotorcraft, airplanes, and satellites built to globally recognized standards, as some aerospace designs can include millions of parts purchased from hundreds of international suppliers. EN 9100 certifications of suppliers simplify this sourcing process and bolster supply-chain reliability, ensuring a long-term business continuity.

Rollon’s EN 9100 certification demonstrates its successful implementation of quality-management procedures to help corporations satisfy the global standards just mentioned while concurrently gaining a market advantage.

Failure of aerospace designs can prove exorbitantly costly or, worst of all, lethal if human operators or passengers are involved. It’s no wonder that even miniscule product or service flaws are unacceptable and formally precluded by EN 9100. Sourcing aerospace components from EN 9100-certified suppliers such as Rollon is essential as it minimizes the risk of failure.

EN 9100 Certification assures aerospace corporations that Rollon products and design services will fully satisfy all the applicable standards.

One last way in which EN 9100 certification is important to aerospace manufacturers is it’s promotion of continuous improvement among their component suppliers. The suppliers must regularly requalify for certificates of approval and demonstrate effective processes for handling routine operations and non-conforming events to maximize efficiencies and product quality.

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EN 9100 certification demonstrates Rollon’s commitment to serve a critical industry with quality, supply-chain reliability, and safety. For more information on automation components satisfying the challenging requirements of aerospace designs, visit and select ‘aerospace’ from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can enter your application’s parameters and explore the extensive capabilities of Rollon’s offerings at the myRollon configurator.

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