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This Adaptive Linear Rail Provides Demanding Industries With Many Benefits

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Across many industries, designers are increasingly tasked with creating smaller, lightweight machines and systems capable of providing reliable motion. If the equipment requires linear motion, it can be hard to find the right rail that can handle moderate loads and provide design flexibility. And with design time also at a premium, the added time and expenses that come with cumbersome installation and misalignment issues are not an option.

Fortunately, one linear motion system is up for the challenge. Thanks to an adaptable design and light weight, it eliminates many of the difficulties of linear motion in systems with limited space.

The Rollon MiniRoller Rail is well-suited for equipment that must move small and moderate loads — important criteria for many critical applications. Just some of the applications that can benefit from MiniRoller Rail’s adaptive design and space savings include aerospace, medical, industrial and marine equipment, small automation machines, pharmaceutical, life sciences, high-speed packaging and furniture applications.

MiniRoller Rail is also designed to eliminate the noise, difficult assembly, misalignment and unnecessary weight typically associated with linear guides with recirculating bearings. In fact, it addresses many common application challenges, such as:

  • Misalignment. Because MiniRoller Rail is a compliant linear guide for small to moderate loads, you avoid the grinding, machining and time associated with solving misalignment.
  • Noise. Raceways are induction-hardened and machined to reduce friction and noise.
  • Installation. End chamfers and customizable mounting holes that make installation easy and fast.
  • Weight. The rail weight is as low as 0.47 kg per meter with a low slider weight of 0.05 kg.
  • Customization. MiniRoller Rails offer a variety of optional materials, surface treatments and screws, including M3 sizes, interchangeable rollers and the ability to incorporate multiple sliders.
  • Maintenance. Lifetime lubrication dramatically reduces maintenance requirements.

Each MiniRoller Rail comes in the popular 12 mini ball guide-type configuration with rail lengths up to 1,950 mm or longer.

A Compact Linear Rail That Saves Installation Time and Space

In demanding equipment that must move low-to-moderate loads within tight spaces, it’s important to choose a linear guide that can offer both design flexibility and easy assembly. With an adaptable linear guide, it’s possible to address these issues and implement it quickly and economically.

MiniRoller Rail is compact and quiet with excellent strength for its size and weight, plus easy customization and assembly make it an attractive option wherever design time and space are at a premium.

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