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MiniRoller Rail

Adaptive design that saves space and installation time, with roller rails, induction hardened and honed raceways.

Linear roller guide systems are super smooth. Their silent operation and adaptive design is easy to customize and integrate into customer’s assemblies.
The roller railing reduces noise, assembly difficulties, misalignment issues, and unnecessary weight. 

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Space saving

Thin slider and roller guide rail make MiniRoller a very compact solution. Height: 13mm, Width: 35mm.

Uniquely quiet

Honed raceways and roller bearing rails for smooth and silent motion.

Long lifetime

Induction hardened raceways between 58 and 62 HRC.

Optimal reliability in dirty environments

Roller linear guides are ideal for harsh environments. Their large railing roller components make them highly resistant to dust and dirt contamination.

Corrosion resistant

Resistant to corrosion

Wide range of anticorrosion surface treatments

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Adaptive Design

High customization, to fit every project

Drip can

Low maintenance

Roller bearings rails lubed for life.

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MiniRoller Rail

An alternative to miniature ball guide in several industries and applications

Solutions by Industries

  • All
  • Vertical Farming
  • Industrial Machines
  • Railway
  • Packaging and Logistics
  • Aerospace
  • Building and Furniture
  • Special Vehicles
  • Medical
  • Integrators
  • Robotics

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