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How Rollon Actuators Helped a Korean Multinational Corporation Automate its Battery Cell Manufacturing Process

Case Study

A company providing turnkey automation solutions for various industries needed to automate the battery production line of a well-known Korean multinational company within the electronics and semiconductor industry.

In particular, the Korean company was dissatisfied with the actuators employed to guarantee movement between the workstations of the battery cell construction process because they had lubrication problems. Ineffective lubrication results in the interruption or slowdown of production lines, with inevitable negative effects on cycle time and efficiency, yield, and productivity parameters. Not a small problem, considering the high production rate.

The OEM contacted Rollon to solve the lubrication problem and equip the process with a compact, precise linear motion solution that would guarantee repeatability as well as cleanliness. In fact, the proposed solution had to solve the issues related to lubrication while guaranteeing other process parameters that are necessary for continuous, quality production: accuracy in positioning, stiffness, and compactness, the latter being essential precisely because of the size of the lines, the number of stations and the very small strokes. Finally, it had to neither contaminate the environment nor suffer contamination from the environment itself.


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