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Linear guides

MG Rail

MG Rail linear guide with recirculating rollers is an advanced technical solution for the high-tech industry. The monoguide is well suited for high loads, high stiffness and offers uncompromising
reliability in the heaviest operations.

 The innovative lubrication system ensures optimal lubricant distribution regardless of mounting configuration, extending the service life of the linear guide.

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different motion system

Optimized roller raceways

The geometries and orientations of the roller slide ways were
precisely modeled using FEM for each specific preload,
ensuring optimal load capacities
and accuracies consistently.
Monoguide with recirculating rollers
icon high protection

High protection

The carriages are well protected by means of cross-wise
and longitudinal gaskets that assure good sealing
even in contaminated environments.

Innovatory lubrication system

The introduction of the lubricant into the front head is controlled by means of check valves.
These valves are installed on both sides of the carriage slide ways
and prevent the lubricant from flowing back while sliding.
Monoguide with recirculating rollers with lubrication innovation

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MG Rail SL35MG Rail LL35

MG Rail

Profiled recirculating roller guides composed of cylindrical rollers as rotating elements, ensuring high rigidity and stability.

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