Rollon Actuators For Injection Molding

Rollon Actuators For Injection Molding
Off-the-shelf robots for injection molding parts removal tend to be more expensive and less flexible than those made in-house. For this reason, Stone Plastics & Manufacturing Inc. makes its own customizable robots for manufacturing plastic parts, allowing them to serve more industries and control costs.

Stone Plastics makes in-house, customizable robots for manufacturing plastic parts, allowing them to monitor and control costs, as well as serve more industries.

Since downtime can be costly, Stone Plastics needed a reliable actuator. After reviewing the technical features, performance characteristics and overall capabilities, they decided that Rollon actuators were a natural fit.

Stone Plastics uses three Rollon actuators for their 3-axis robot: R-SMART 160 SP6 for the X-Axis, R-SMART 120 SP4 for the Y-Axis and the S-SMART 65 SP actuator for the Z-Axis. Download the new Case Study for more details.


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