Steady material flow

In the packaging sector, efficiency is measured in terms of productivity, reliability, performance and safety. The ability of an asset to support high-volume operations and reduced production time means immediate savings. The reliability of selected components also ensures the reduction of maintenance costs and increased plant productivity.

Rollon ensures efficiency in the Material flow and offers cost-effective solutions, modular automation systems and tailored implementation. The linear components are suitable for all applications in which dynamic processes are required, long travels must be covered or large loads are to be moved fast

Straightforward, fast and inexpensive. Portal and gantry systems as well as Cartesian pick-and-place systems that pick up and exactly position high forces and moments are a given for Rollon. Even in environments with abrasive dusts and continuous use, the linear systems achieve a long service life.

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Our process and solutions’ quality guaranteed by global level certifications.

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