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Mr. Vikash Poddar Country Manager Rollon India Pvt. Ltd.


Would you like to briefly introduce the Rollon Group and his global strategy?

The Rollon Group is a global company specialized in the production of components for linear motion. Rollon is having worldwide presence, the companies headquarter is in Italy (Milano) and the global sales activities are organized by our German Branch in Dusseldorf. Furthermore, our presence is very strong all around Europe and US market, today we are focused on India, China, Japan, Korea, Russia and Brazil, because our interest is developing the international market.

Rollon is the global provider for linear motion products in many different industrial sectors, especially the company is very well positioned globally in markets like railway, warehouse logistics and aerospace industry. The strong point of Rollon Group is its ability to provide both standard and “customized” solutions to satisfy customers requirements for an industry or a specific application.

Rollon’s global strategy is strongly focused on emerging countries so in this direction, in March 2014, Rollon India Pvt. Ltd has been opened in Bangalore. The idea is to accommodate all the demand of our Indian customers with a local office, local people and a complete logistic centre, with the purpose of handling the requests with very short delivery times. The main segments are industrial machines, railways, transportation, defence, special vehicles, medical equipment and industrial automation.

What could you tell us regarding to the development and the quality policy of the Rollon Group?

Customers can count on a high-quality product that is both trustworthy and enduring. One of the most appreciated characteristic is the self-aligning capacity offered by our rails, in fact this is clearly demonstrated by the reduced costs associated with surface preparation and installation. Rollon success is determinate by at least other two factors: firstly, our capability to develop applications that are ever increasingly specific and diversified based on the reference market, right up to making customized products, in some cases even co-designed with customer, and secondly our worldwide network of assistance centres. Every manufacturer or exporter of Rollon products may make use of the specialized assistance service provided by our team of engineers. They can also find our products in their own countries, avoiding extended waiting times and benefiting from the technical assistance whenever required, for a truly all-round technical support service as it happens in India.

What is the function of R&D activity in your company?

The Rollon’s commercial approach on international markets are based on innovation and competitiveness so the constant involvement of the R&D department is remarkable in looking for solutions dedicated to the specific application of its customers in the manifold industrial sector and in all the major countries in the world.

Although our sales with customized products hits 35%, we keep improving our products in order to develop new to satisfy the requests and to offer a fulfilling system solution, not just products.

What are the major technological trends that are leading your linear motion solutions?

There is a worldwide growth of linear motion market. The main engines are the automation of industrial processes, robotic movements and the global industrialization. We are keeping finding new applications and challenges to evolve and to produce new options.

The use of Rollon linear rails affords many solutions for multiple linear motion applications for industrial machines. The lateral sliding of protective devices, the movement of control panels or the movement of tools in machining centre are a few examples of linear rails. The potential of Rollon products is to avoid misalignment, most of all on the rails. Many of our products are built on a fundamental value that is the spirit of Rollon’s attitude: ‘C’ profile rails housing different types of sliders operated by rolling elements such as ball bearings.

The rail-slider has a very compact configuration and enhanced uses of increasing spaces available: this manufacturing principle is essential to guarantee the ability of Rollon’s components to offer more benefits than other solutions available in the market. Moreover, internal circuit guarantee appropriate and high quality protection from possible shocks and dirt. To intensify rails’ weight capacity and duration the raceways of almost the entirely Rollon linear and telescopic rail are subjected to an induction hardening process. Furthermore, to expand rail’s sliding abilities some products undergo a grinding process.

What are the market opportunities for Rollon products in India?

We are very optimistic regarding the opportunities for machine tool industry in India and consequently for the solutions proposed by Rollon, especially for our strong industrial markets like railway and automation projects. The linear rails, telescopic rails and actuators made by Rollon ensure proper function and improved performance of machine tools. What industrial machines should assure is adequate efficiency in the production process: especially machining centres, cutting machines, painting machines, and machines for processing wood or marble must be capable to provide a proper implementation on an extended period, often with challenging cycles and critical conditions (presence of liquids, process residue, contaminants or corrosive substances). Procedure complications or machine interruptions create a lack of efficiency and additional costs. Every element must supply the proper functioning of the machine, guarantee an extreme accuracy and simplicity during the assembly and in replacement phases, keeping the maintenance down.

Which Rollon products are particularly suitable for the Indian market?

Our production range has a three main lines: the linear line that contains linear caged ball bearings and recirculating ball bearings rails, with different profiles and kind of sliders. The telescopic line with full and partial extraction telescopic guides, accessible in several rail profiles and characteristics like load capacity, inflexibility and proper functioning. The actuator line with linear components available in many extremely load capable and accurate typed of belt and ball screw driven models and arrangements. At this time the Indian market is particularly developing in the automation, logistics, defense and medical sectors: this is why the Telescopic Rails, the Seventh Axis system, the Actuator Line (Uniline System and Smart System) are widely used.