Rollon completes its range of actuators with the rack and pinion R-Plus System series.

The new rack and pinion system makes the actuator more suitable for gantries requiring long strokes and for vertical applications.

Rollon Group, the Italian brand specialized in designing and manufacturing linear and telescopic guides and linear actuators, presents its new rack and pinion series of actuators: the R-Plus System.

The new offering enhances and completes the range of actuator products, where the Rollon Group is already a market leader in Italy with its screw and belt driven actuators.

The R-Plus System boasts the capability of ensuring consistent rigidity and high axial forces throughout its stroke, reaching accelerations of up to 20m/s2 and repeatability values of +/- 0.05mm, with no critical issues. The system length ranges between 700 and 5700mm, which could be potentially unlimited with the use of special Rollon joints. In addition, its capability to house multiple carriages and associated pinions on the same axis allows the actuator to move independently along the rack, thus controlling multiple movements and ensuring great ease of operation.

This new product is particularly suitable for applications with very long production lines (such as the white goods and the automotive industries) and where the machine automation process is key, and in many cases requires more operations to be simultaneously controlled: from pick & place to palletizing.

Structurally, the R-Plus System consists of self-loading aluminium extrusion profiles housing profile rails with recirculating ball bearings able to ensure a high and balanced load capacity in all directions. The units are operated by an end-hardened and ground steel rack and pinion with helical gears.  The built-in lubrication kit allows the pinion to be constantly and regularly greased, thus ensuring the correct operation of the whole system. This is undoubtedly a great benefit as it reduces the number of maintenance operations required and extends the life of the whole system.

The Rollon R-Plus System actuators are also particularly effective in vertical applications. By using a rack and pinion system, the actuator ensures the carriage remains stationary in the event of sudden, extended motor stoppages.