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Rollon bolsters its corporate social responsibility approach

Corporate | 3 November 2021

In a market situation with an ever-growing focus on commitment to social and environmental issues, combined with technical and economic performance, the manufacturing sector is one of many being called upon to do their part. Based on this fact, the linear motion multinational is taking new steps in the direction of environmental sustainability, following its previous actions aimed at improving welfare within the company. This is a path that will see new projects being introduced in the coming months.


Sustainability is no longer the preserve of the few or an idea of “green marketing”: it is instead quickly becoming as much a governance style for companies as it is a “variable” on which companies are “judged” by the market and the citizens of the world.


“This is exactly what the most recent research has shown,” says Rüdiger Knevels, CEO of Rollon. “For over half of all Italians, the issue of sustainability – or, more specifically, the behaviours which certify the sustainable operation of an organisation – is capable of influencing purchasing decisions. Furthermore, it is now a common factor for companies which adopt CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies, largely by incorporating environmental sustainability into their company commitments, to enjoy increased growth, work better and improve their competitive edge on the market, as well as their ability to attract a high-quality workforce, with all the associated skills”.

Faced with a scenario as clear as this, Rollon – a multinational company headquartered in Vimercate and major player in the linear motion sector – has decided to launch a series of projects, particularly environmentally-focused ones, with a view to reducing its impact and consequently incorporate sustainability into its choices of strategic direction. It is in this light that the concrete and measurable changes made at the Vimercate and Arcore facilities should be interpreted. These include:

  • Installing LED lightbulbs in the production facilities, capable of reducing their energy consumption by 66,000 kWh/year
  • Implementing Power Quality measures in order to optimise the supply voltage (via control of the harmonics)
  • Switching to a guaranteed 100%-green energy provider
  • Installing charging stations for the company’s hybrid cars
  • Purchasing 4 hybrid cars and starting to convert the company’s entire fleet
  • Launching a campaign to progressively reduce the use of plastic
  • Introducing a new code of conduct for suppliers in order to ensure good environmental performance along the entire supply chain

The company is also in the process of obtaining its ISO 14.001 environmental certification.

The path that Rollon has started down is very much one-way: in the coming months, other corporate social responsibility projects are set to be launched, details of which will be shared as they are rolled out.


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