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Rollon funds a new ambulance for the AVPS association

Corporate | 23 October 2022

The company, through the Timken Foundation, has disbursed 90 thousand euros for the purchase and fitting out of the vehicle. The ambulance is equipped with rapid sanitization and forced ventilation systems that help reduce the time it takes to re-prepare the vehicle even in the case of transporting Covid patients. The ambulance will be operational in the municipalities of Vimercate, Arcore, Agrate, Cornate and Monza. 

Vimercate, 23 October 2022Rollon, a benchmark company in the field of solutions for linear motion, has once again proven its social commitment. Through the “Timken Foundation” – a foundation linked to the parent company Timken – it donated 90 thousand euros to AVPS – Associazione Volontari di Pronto Soccorso, a local first aid volunteer association, for the purchase of a new ambulance.

AVPS manages up to 60 emergencies per day in the five municipalities of Vimercate, Arcore, Agrate, Cornate and Monza. The new vehicle, equipped with innovative disinfection systems, will simplify and increase the efficiency of the process of sanitization between interventions, especially when the patient transported is one with Covid. The new system allows the first sanitization measures to be implemented directly during the journey.

Elio Brambati, president of AVPS, said: “Our sincerest thanks go to Rollon for donating this vehicle. This is a gesture of particular kindness on the part of a company that shows that it genuinely cares for the community. The number of cases that we manage on a daily basis quickly wears out the vehicles, so having an extra ambulance is very useful, especially one equipped with systems for rapid sanitization and forced ventilation. These systems integrated into the vehicle allow us to sanitize the vehicle all the more quickly and offer an even more efficient service to the communities we serve”.

The vehicle was inaugurated on 23 October and made immediately operational in the area, joining the 18 already managed by the association.

Stefano Zecchinato, COO of the Rollon group, said: “I believe that the role of a productive company goes far beyond simply creating wealth for its shareholders and should include contributing to the well-being of the local communities on which it depends. For this reason, Rollon has decided to give practical help to an association that deals with such a delicate and socially sensitive aspect, such as health services and the management of emergencies. This gesture, like the one last year for the Arcore public garden, is evidence of the company’s active and attentive presence in the area”.


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