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Rollon integrates myRollon selection tool with YZ Systems

Innovation | 13 November 2023

Building on the successful launch of the myRollon selection tool for linear guides, telescopic slides, and actuators, Rollon is pleased to announce that it has now integrated its offerings allowing users to also select the brand-new standard range of YZ systems.

“Our commitment to empowering your projects with state-of-the-art solutions has led us to develop myRollon, a remarkable digital tool for product selection that is now even more comprehensive by allowing to select also YZ systems”, says Franck Michaux, Digital Transformation Director of Rollon. “In fact, myRollon is designed to provide you with a hands-on solution for even the most complex systems, all in a matter of minutes. This is possible thanks to the advanced algorithms meticulously crafted by our brilliant team of technical experts”.

Simplified selection process

With myRollon, design engineers can easily determine the best linear motion solution according to their own criteria, choosing from our range of linear rails, telescopic slides, actuators, and actuator systems. Through our digital tool, it is also possible to get a complete technical report and place an order or validate the configuration with a Rollon expert.

At Rollon, we understand that project specifications can vary in complexity. That’s why we offer not one, but two intuitive ways to use myRollon:

  • Quick Selection: For those who may not have all the specifications at hand, our quick selection option allows you to get started in no time. We simplify the process and guide you to the right solution effortlessly.
  • Advanced Selection: If you have a deep understanding of your project requirements, our advanced selection tool gives you the flexibility to fine-tune your choices and explore the extensive range of options available.

Experience the Future, Save Time, and Elevate Your Projects: with myRollon, you can unlock a world of possibilities and streamline your project development process like never before. Try it now on


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