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Rollon Telescopic Rails with Roller Bearings: Applications, Features, and Advantages

Telescopic rails with roller bearings are the ideal linear handling solution in contaminated or critical environments when high frequencies, large load capacities, vertical handling, and misalignment management are required. In this article we look in detail at how Rollon’s Telerace telescopic slides with roller bearings meet these needs.

When the project being designed involves the use of automation, logistics, special vehicles, or telescopic slides to pull out drawers or other elements, a number of aspects should be considered to direct the choice of the rolling system and thus the related product.

For example, are you dealing with a high, continuous number of cycles? Are heavy loads, highly contaminated environments, or high rust and corrosion risks involved?

If these are your starting conditions, then the natural choice is a telescopic rail with roller bearings from the Telerace line by Rollon. In fact, these telescopic slides guarantee:

  • High load capacities due to the double row of ball bearings, an essential feature when the configuration involves overhangs and high flexural strength, and timely load management must be ensured.
  • High frequencies in harsh environments. Telerace is available in different configurations: with induction hardening and raceway grinding; with nitrided raceways; or fully in stainless-steel – the “natural” solution for corrosion prevention. The hardened series is available with different surface treatments such as zinc plating, zinc-nickel plating, nickel plating, or cataphoresis. All these solutions make Telerace suitable for the harshest environments, guaranteeing operations even at high cycles.
  • Vertical movement. Industrial applications may require vertical and variable strokes, as well as the “classic” horizontal movement. When telescopic movements are needed in such cases, Telerace is the ideal solution. The use of bearings avoids the risk of the ball cage falling out, and the different size configurations—greater vertical or horizontal thickness—ensure adaptability to the available space.
  • Durability and minimal maintenance. The hardened, ground raceways in the Telerace line lead to great smoothness, reduced noise, and the ability to handle misalignments, an essential factor, especially in applications that do not require accuracies to the thousandths. The larger rolling elements are also enhanced with felts that release oil to lubricate the sliding movement and wipers that guarantee operations in dirty environments while maintaining handling performance. A long service life also means reduced maintenance, resulting in lower overall application costs.


The Telerace series by Rollon is available in a range from 290 mm to 2000 mm with 100% extraction capacity. With the ability to customize solutions, Rollon can also provide Telerace rails with specific extraction capabilities.

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