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Speedy Rail, the smart and "endless" linear rail

Rollon’s Speedy Rail is much more than a linear rail. It is a smart linear motion solution that combines a rail and support profile in a single product.

Speedy Rail is self-supporting, so it does not require external supports for installation, and it is made of extruded aluminum with a hard anodized surface to ensure high dynamic performance and a large load capacity. It can also be used as both a linear rail and actuator.

Speedy Rail offers potentially “endless” strokes. Owing to its precisely machined joint systems, with two brackets secured using self-centering dovetail elements, the rail stroke is not affected by sliding problems, so the roller does not jump. This, in fact, leads to potentially endless strokes.

Speedy Rail is perfect for applications in the automotive, semiconductor, and plastic molding sectors or potentially very harsh situations (ceramics, wood, welding, glass), and is also suitable for outdoor applications. Rollon has even made one that measures 100 meters in length.


What are the technical features that make Speedy Rail so special and capable of operating in potentially very hostile environments such as the outdoors?

The Speedy Rail has a slider that moves on plastic compound rollers resting directly on hard anodized profiles. This feature ensures extremely quiet operation and two main advantages: travel at high speed (15 m/s with cylindrical rollers) and no need for lubrication, which also makes the product more environmentally sustainable.

This is useful precisely in situations where it is necessary to use components resistant to particular malfunctions typically caused by contaminants, aggressive particles, etc.

Another salient feature of the Speedy Rail is its ease of installation—partly due to its low weight—and its ability to absorb potential structural misalignments.

Due to the support on which it is mounted and the use of rollers, this “smart linear rail” can compensate for misalignments of up to 8 mm. As a result, there is a direct reduction in one of the hidden costs that is often overlooked when evaluating the application, but which can be high when analyzing the total cost of ownership. This cost is that of machining (and reworking) the machine supports, which, due precisely to the ability to compensate for misalignment, are automatically contained.

The Speedy Rail has a standard length of 7,500 mm for each module and a particularly high load capacity, as it can reach 3,000 kg in a gantry system, while each set of rollers can support up to 130 kg.


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