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Combustion control, less maintenance, perfect handling: Rollon presents new guides for the fireplace sector

Each fireplace designer finds himself faced with a few specific requirements: moving the hearth doors and, more importantly, guaranteeing optimal management of combustion and reducing maintenance to a minimum. Rollon has created the solution to all these issues. Today, it is available also for corner and three face fireplaces.

Moving the doors and removing the monoblocks for maintenance, while maintaining excellent performance, needs to be done simply, efficiently and effectively. These are the three main requirements - appreciated by all end users and fireplace builders - that every designer has to satisfy.

Rollon presented its proposals at Progetto Fuoco (Verona, 19-22 February 2020), and we are certain to satisfy all of these needs.

The rails with ball bearings from the TEN30K series were developed specifically for the vertical sliding doors used on fireplaces. These products allow perfect air seals with the glass in the closed position.

This solution eliminates the play of the door and makes it possible to have optimal control of the air flow in the combustion chamber, thus improving the performance and cleanliness of the hearth.

The pair of rails in this system is also able to compensate for thermal expansion and imprecision in the carpentry construction. TEN30K rails are made of nitrided steel and have a very hard surface. They are treated with the patented Rollon-Nox technology, a thermo-chemical black oxidation process. The steel sliders are fitted with a durable spiral spring in stainless steel. The bearings are also in steel, through-tempered and carefully ground, with metallic screens and grease for high temperatures.

The main advantages of the TEN30K series are:

  • Perfect air seal in the hearth thanks to sliders with spring systems
  • Silent, fluid sliding motion of the door
  • Resistance to wear and high temperatures
  • Automatic compensation for thermal expansion
  • Good tolerance of misalignment errors
  • Rails and sliders in nitrided steel with very hard surfaces
  • Through-hardened steel bearings with metal screens and grease for high temperatures
  • Sliders with strong stainless steel spiral springs, resistant to high temperatures

The solution provided by TEN30K rails is now available also for corner and three face fireplaces, with the same benefits.

Expanding the range of the solution to basically all commercial fireplaces shows the company’s ability to make customized products that respond to the builder’s actual needs, starting from a standard product. Many aspects of Rollon’s business guarantee this opportunity: considerable expertise in the linear handling sector gained in over 40 years of business; constant, careful attention towards the markets that they serve; and a unique production process that starts with a standard base product and the ability to make specific customizations for each sector. Rollon combines the flexibility of a craftsman with the scale economies of big industry.