Code of Conduct for Rollon Ltd. UK

Rollon Ltd. UK, its managers and employees, are committed to socially responsible corporate governance. They act ethically and in accordance with the law, and ensure that the following values and principles are observed and complied with in the long term:

  1. Compliance with the law
    • The applicable laws and other legal regulations in Germany and the countries in which ROLLON operates are complied with.
  1. Human rights and employee rights
    • We respect internationally recognized human rights and support their observance. We strictly reject any form of forced or child labor.
    • We promote equal opportunities and prevent discrimination among all our employees. We treat all employees equally, regardless of their gender, age, skin color, culture, ethnic origin, sexual identity, disability, religious affiliation, or world view.
    • We protect our employees from physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment in the workplace.
    • We respect the privacy and personal rights of each individual.
    • We guarantee the right to freedom of opinion and expression.
    • Applicable laws on compliance with labor standards regarding compensation levels and maximum permissible working hours are observed.
    • We protect the health and occupational safety of our employees and promote a safe and healthy work environment to prevent accidents and injuries. 
  1. Bribery and corruption
    • ROLLON does not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. Insider and money laundering transactions must be refrained from.
    • The rules of competition and antitrust law are observed.
    • Employees may not give or accept gifts or services that are not within the bounds of customary hospitality and courtesy. Payments of any kind may not be accepted or granted.
  1. Conflicts of interest
    • Confidential information, such as business secrets and sensitive data, may not be disclosed to third parties without authorization or made accessible in any other way.
    • Employees must exercise due care in handling company property and protect it from loss, theft, or misuse. The private use of company property is prohibited, with the exception of individual contractual arrangements with employees.
  1. Environmental protection
    • ROLLON is committed to acting in an ecological and responsible manner and to complying with the relevant environmental protection regulations and standards. We strive to minimize environmental impact, continuously improve environmental protection and use natural resources responsibly.
  1. Privacy
    • When collecting and processing personal data, ROLLON complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Violations of the Code of Conduct or internal guidelines for Rollon Ltd. UK: 

All employees can report violations of the Code of Conduct or internal guidelines for Rollon Ltd. UK to their supervisor or the next higher management level or, in case of doubt, directly to the Managing Director.

Significant violations may result in disciplinary consequences up to and including loss of employment, in addition to criminal penalties.


January 1, 2022

Rollon Ltd. UK

Rüdiger Knevels
– Management –

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