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New Telerace: telescopic movements for automation

The functional and aesthetic redesign of Rollon's Telerace telescopic rails introduces a version with hardened and ground raceways for increased durability and excellent sliding quality.

Rollon Acquires iMS, Expanding Its Lineup of Linear Actuator Modules and Robotic Transfer Units for Heavy Payloads

Hackettstown, NJ, August 20-08-2021 — Rollon, a leading manufacturer of linear motion guides, actuators and systems, is pleased to announce it has acquired Intelligent Machine Solutions, Inc. (iMS)

Seventh Axis, Rollon revamps the range and embraces the light and collaborative robotics market

Rollon revamps and expands its seventh axis range with an offering aimed at the light and collaborative robotics market, and with enhancement of the range intended for larger robots. The new...

New SC actuators, the best of Rollon's range for vertical movement

Rollon presents its latest product redesign. The SC range has been revamped in terms of aesthetics and functionality in the direction of the designer's needs in order to simplify the project,...

Online MyRollon, the new digital tool for product pre-selection in just 4 clicks

We are pleased to announce the launch of “MyRollon”, the new digital tool created to bring together the needs of industrial designers and planners with our linear motion solutions.

Rollon bolsters its corporate social responsibility approach

In a market situation with an ever-growing focus on commitment to social and environmental issues, combined with technical and economic performance, the manufacturing sector is one of many being...


Compact Rail Plus is Rollon’s new model of linear rail. It was created to provide industrial designers with a new point of view for design. The Italian company, a prominent reference in the linear...

Structural Guides Play a Critical Role in Theatrical Rigging Assembly

In the entertainment industry, a good stage production often depends on what happens behind the scenes. Sometimes the components that make up the rigging systems that safely and discreetly move...

SLIDE INTO THE FUTURE: Rollon presents the first new redesigned products.

New opportunities for planners and industrial designers: Rollon has introduced its new Compact Rail on the market, now with a Plus version, in addition to the new actuators from the Plus System and...

Rollon and Cone Drive Position Timken for Leadership in Robotic Drive Systems

For some, the word “robot” conjures thoughts of relaxing on the couch while an autonomous vacuum cleaner sweeps the floor and a voice-assistant hub reports the weather—then adjusts the thermostat...

Combustion control, less maintenance, perfect handling: Rollon presents new guides for the fireplace sector

Each fireplace designer finds himself faced with a few specific requirements: moving the hearth doors and, more importantly, guaranteeing optimal management of combustion and reducing maintenance...

Advantages of extruded aluminum seventh axis

Speaking about aluminum solutions the first word that comes to mind is lightness. But digging a little deeper, you can discover several other surprising strong points.

UR+ certified Rollon linear axes for cobots

Rollon gives UR robots a boost to significantly increase their radius of action. The company’s UR+ certified linear axes are designed for ideal collaboration with popular cobots, bringing...

Linear actuators, which driving system?

An actuator’s driving system is directly related to its performance. But how can someone find the most appropriate? To explain it, we chose 3 different application scenarios.

Zero lubrication, low noise: Speedy Rail by Rollon

Rollon’s linear rails with plastic compound coated rollers can work for over 80 thousand km with practically no maintenance. This drastically reduces machine down time, provides a crucial advantage...

How to regulate Compact Rail sliders

The correct pre-load of the slider allows a more reliable movement and longer life for the entire system.

An international team of professionals to fly with aircraft interiors

Rollon grows in the aeronautical sector with an dedicated internal department of professionals and a production model that guarantees industrialized solutions tailored to the client.

Speedy Rail: when synergy creates a show

How to resume a football match without losing the details, catching every emotion, moving quickly with the players, even if the weather gets worse and it starts to rain? This is what Rollon and...

Industrial automation: which telescopic rail is best?

Not all telescopic rails are suitable for use in industrial automation systems, and choosing an unsuitable product can cause the entire system to lose efficiency and slow down production. Here...

5 good reason to follow Rollon Spa on LinkedIn

Rollon Spa is active on LinkedIn with a company page dedicated to engineers and designers from relevant industrial sectors. Here are 5 good reasons to push the "Follow" button.

The e-commerce boom and intralogistics: Rollon presents its warehouse automation solutions

Fast and reliable in increasingly smaller spaces: Rollon's components and complete mechanical solutions make shuttles and stacker cranes more efficient, and sustain the growth of a quickly growing...

Video Tutorial: your solution just one-click away

How to correctly join two Compact Rail linear guides? Hear it from Andrea Tosi, Chief Technical Officer of Rollon, in the first of our new series of video tutorials.

Rollon Actuators For Injection Molding

Rollon Actuators For Injection Molding

Off-the-shelf robots for injection molding parts removal tend to be more expensive and less flexible than those made in-house. For this reason, Stone Plastics & Manufacturing Inc. makes its own...

Understanding linear bearing speed and acceleration

Understanding linear bearing speed and acceleration

Look through the specifications of any linear bearing, and you’ll come across a maximum speed. It’s an important spec, but only when considered in the context of acceleration and the overall motion...

Rollon Seventh Axis range for Universal Robots solutions

Rollon and Universal Robots together at Motek, with a new seventh axis suitable for cobot.

The Group based in Vimercate (Italy) has developed a solution capable of extending the range of action of the collaborative robots produced by the Danish multinational, further improving their...

Rollon provides a multitude of customized linear guide rails for use in aviation projects

Aircraft interiors EXPO is the world's leading trade fair for airlines and the supply chain to source the latest innovations for aviation. At the event taking place in Hamburg Rollon presents its...

Compact Rail handles high loads in aluminum gates application

Compact Rail handles high loads in aluminum gates application

One specialty of Youngblood Automation, a Michigan based provider of industrial automation components, is building Maytec aluminum extrusion machine guarding and sliding guard fences.

Rollon acquires the Italian company T RACE and strengthens its linear motion range: this is the fifth acquisition in 6 years for the group from Vimercate

Rollon continues to grow, with turnover increasing by +15% in 2017, benefiting from the development of automation and robotics worldwide and its global footprint.

Hardness solutions in linear motion rails

Hardness solutions in linear motion rails

To better manage heavy loads and to better resist both wear and deformation, thus ensuring a greater number of cycles and an higher performance. These are just some of the benefits that an adequate...

Rollon opens a new branch in Japan

The company has consolidated its presence in Asia, a key country in the machine tools, robotic and automation industries.

Pick-And-Place System Delivers Improved Productivity And Safety

Pick-And-Place System Delivers Improved Productivity And Safety

Deciding between a gantry and a robot for your application isn’t always as clear-cut as it may seem. To automate a simple, yet time-consuming and potentially dangerous task in its factory, a...

Crash-free linear motion

Crash-free linear motion

How do you know when a linear bearing has reached its end of travel? When the carriage hits the wall. At least, that is how the old engineering joke goes. But in reality, crashes are no laughing...

Reducing linear bearing wear

To combat contamination, machine builders often supplement linear bearings with different types of covers. But there are less severe contamination scenarios where engineers should consider bearings...

From Rollon the new telescopic actuator for effective linear movement with minimum overall dimensions

An extremely compact solution from the Italian Group to solve various handling problems in the industrial sector, optimising space, reducing process times and minimising stress on mechanical...

A flexible machine park allows Hegra Linear to mill any type of guide rail profile from solid material

Rollon Expands Linear and Telescopic Guide Offering With Hegra Takeover

Rollon Corporation has announced the purchase of Hegra, a telescopic and linear guide manufacturer based in Germany. As a result Rollon’s customers worldwide will now have access to 84 additional...

Rollon's nine tips for choosing an actuator

Here are nine tips that take the main variables into consideration to guarantee performance and suitable costs.

Rollon at Ipack-Ima: with Tecno Center a completely renewed range of solutions for the packaging field.

The SYS product family and Modline Z on display: the new products that strengthen Rollon's range in many fields, starting with packaging.

Rollon acquires Tecno Center

Rollon acquires branch of turin-based company Tecno Center and increases its offer of linear units and cartesian robots.

Rollon completes its range of actuators with the rack and pinion R-Plus System series.

The new rack and pinion system makes the actuator more suitable for gantries requiring long strokes and for vertical applications.

Self-aligning rails for controlling misalignments in linear movement systems

Misalignments result in additional costs for manufacturers and users of industrial machinery.

Rollon launches the 220mm R-SMART actuator

Large sizes for long strokes and high loads. The Series boasts high efficiency and a simple construction

Rollon presents the new LTH telescopic rail: full extraction with maximum ergonomics for manual applications

Robust and compact, halfway between a heavy-duty Telescopic Rail and a Light Rail, the new series is ideal for railway and special vehicle applications.