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Prismatic Rail

Prismatic rails with bearings and induction hardened v-shaped raceways.

The Prismatic Rail family is composed of linear bearings sliding on V-shaped rails made of hardened steel. These linear guides with rollers also have high self-alignment properties.

V-shaped rails are induction hardened and polished, available in three sizes: 28, 35 and 55 mm. Antioxidation treatment is available upon request on every version. Rails can be machined with two straight cuts, one straight and one slanting cut or two slanting cuts. These options allow to create joinable versions, and thus obtaining longer strokes.

The aluminium slider can be configured with a variable number of rollers with steel pins, ranging from 2 to 6. Rollers are in turn available in two variants, cylindrical or V-shaped, with variable diameter from Ø30 a Ø62 depending on rail size.

Characteristics of Prismatic Rail linear bearings:

  • Long life thanks to hardened raceways
  • Optimal reliability in dirty environments
  • Self-aligning system
  • Simple mounting
  • High dynamics
Reference Family
Product P
Section Shape
Self-alignment +++
Slider Balls
Anticorrosion Prismatic Rail
Rail shape
Hardened raceways
Maximum load capacity per slider [N] C 0rad 15000
C 0ax 15000
Max. dynamic load capacity [N] C 50
Maximum moment [Nm] Mx
Maximum speed [m/s]* 7
Maximum acceleration [m/s2] 20
Maximum rail length [mm] 7500
Operating temperature -10°C /+80°C
The information shown must be verified for the specific application.
For a complete view of technical data, please consult our catalogs on
* The maximum value is defined by the application.
** A longer stroke is available for jointed versions.
*** C 50
**** For more information, please contact Rollon.

Prismatic rails with bearings and induction hardened v-shaped rails, available with a variable number from 2 to 6 rollers, cylindrical o v-shaped.

  • Sizes available: 28,35 and 55 mm
  • Rollers dimensions: Ø30 - Ø40 - Ø52 -  Ø62
  • Floating and fixed sliders with 2, 3, 4 or 6 rollers
  • Max. speed: 7 m/s (depending on application)
  • Max. acceleration: 20 m/s² (depending on application)
  • Max. radial load capacity: 15000 (per slider)
  • Max. axial load capacity: 15000 (per slider)
  • Operating temperature: from -10°C to +80°C.
  • Induction hardened and polished rails. Antioxidation treatment available upon request.
  • High self-aligning properties
  • Max. rail length: 4100 mm.
  • Steel assembly pins.

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